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10 Amazing Health Benefits of Fava Beans

Before we talk about the health benefits of fava beans let us know more of the very edible.

Fava beans are flat, large, light green pods consumed for their yummy beans. These are utilized as vegetables and are quite popular as well as grown easily in gardens. These beans are a hub of various nutrition and minerals required for proper functioning of body. Fava beans can provide you nutrition such as sodium, calcium, phosphorus, fiber, foliates, vitamins, phyto-nutrients and many more. Without wasting time, let us walk down to know more health benefits of Fava beans.

health benefits of fava beans

1. Fava beans are energy giving food and are rich in protein. Hundred grams of beans carries 341 calories per 100g. Since it has benefitting minerals, vitamins, antioxidants as well as plant sterols which makes it a package food.

2. These beans are quite rich in dietary fiber which acts as bulk laxative. The dietary fiber helps protecting colon mucosa by reducing its exposure time period to toxicant substances. Dietary fiber helps reducing blood cholesterol level by reducing re-absorption of cholesterol which binds bile acids in colon.

3. Fava beans shares quality content of phyto-nutrients like plant-sterol as well as isoflavone. Isoflavane like daidzine and genistein which works best to protect you from breast cancer in some laboratory animals. Phytosterols helps lowering the level of cholesterol in the body.

4. Fava beans contains Levo-dopa which is a precursor of neuro chemicals in brain like epinephrine, dopamine as well as nor-epinephrine. Dopamine in brain is associates with the smooth functioning of body movements. With its adequate consumption of fava beans regularly, it helps prevent Parkinson disease.

5. These beans are a good source of minerals such as copper, manganese, iron and many more. It thus, helps building and purifying blood. This is an interesting fact, that, fava is the highest sources of potassium in the family of flora. It helps countering effect of sodium on blood pressure and heart.

6. Not ended yet. Fava beans are immense source of foliates. Along with vitamin B-12 foliates are essential component for the synthesis of DNA as well as cell division. If you are pregnant or expecting child then you must induce fava beans in your diet as it would help kicking various neuro defects while in your pregnancy.

7. These works great as co-enzymes in the cellular metabolism of protein, fats as well as carbohydrates.

8. Besides sharing numerous health benefits, fava beans helps improving the skin quality. Since it has good quantity of vitamins and minerals it enhances the skin and keeps it free from acnes and blemishes to much an extent.

9. Being a good source of fiber it keeps the digestive tract clean and free from problems like constipation.

10. Blend of so many minerals and nutrients; make fava beans an appropriate one for health and strong hairs. If you want quality hairs then just stick to fava beans, capable enough to provide you hairs that you have always wished for. Fava beans are an amazing food and should not be ignored in any manner. If you see in market do not make mistake of ignoring it.

Our motive of writing content is to provide our readers good health. This interest of ours will remain vague unless it is implemented by them. Our jotted points illustrating 10 benefits of Fava beans are meant for your good. If you are health conscious then you must be an experimenting one. You must have been consuming all sorts of healthy foods for your health. So why ignoring fava beans? Just take your keys and drive to your local market and have healthy fava beans. Purchase, eat and feel the good health developing in you.

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