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10 Best Hairstyles of Rihanna You Can Try Out

Robyn Rihanna Fenty aka popularly known as Rihanna. She is a Barbadian pop singer. A 27 year old actor cum singer cum designer rose to the world of music with her debut in 2003. She is a creative singer with different styles of performances. She has been awarded with many Grammy awards, Billboard awards and other music awards she has recorded numerous albums. She is a style icon. Commercially she is very successful. She is known to be a hair chameleon changing colours and designs of hair. She rocks the stage with not only but with her style, appearance and attitude. Fans of Rihanna here are some memorable get ups of lady star.


Rihanna Updo Hairstyle

Straightened hair done on the top, or in normal words a bun on the top. And the remaining short hairs covering the side parts of the forehead gives a bold look to the lady. Loops in the ear with dark lipstick are just flawless.

High Ponytail:

Rihanna High Ponytail

Semi straightened hair tied tightly in the pony tail having wavy kind of curls after the band. It gives a sporty look to her. The curls are too attractive to be a part of her hair do.

Bob cut:

Rihanna Bob cut

Rihanna looks cute and simple in bob cut. Little wavy hairs almost straight, short in the back and shorter in the front suits her a lot.

Medium Wavy:

Rihanna Medium Wavy

Rihanna having naturally black hairs was seen in a red hair color. Side parted shining hair with little brown shades near neck and ears.

Long Straight:

Rihanna Long Straight

Straight hair with middle partition- simply straight hair with little waves, little brownish in color makes her look great. She resembles a Metropolitan Indian dweller. She is ultimate attractive and lovely.


Rihanna Beehive

All hairs taken together and tied in the shape of a beehive on the top. And hairs near the ear are made to cut extremely small. A bulged out structure of hair is somewhat in front of the face and gives her a traditional Afro look.

Side Bun:

Rihanna Side Bun

Silky smooth shining hair of moderately black color are tied in a side in a bun and the front strands are loose .The hairs look flat in the surface .Or bun can be replaced by curls on the tail end tied in an unmanaged way.

Short Straight:

Rihanna Short Straight

Straightened hair with sharp ends longer in the front and gradually decreasing in the back .It makes her forehead look more visible and focused .Her oval shaped face looks great with this hairstyle.


Rihanna Curly Hairstyle

Complete head full of deep and entangled curls all around .Open hairs with so many curls makes the lady’s hair look voluminous in this hairdo.

A Different Cut:

Rihanna Different Cut

Mixture of many styles says very small hair to strands of curls to long braid in back to small bun in the top. This is a classic hairstyle specifically suitable for the cute Rihanna.

Ranging from straight to curls, short to long every kind of hair do makes her look gorgeous. She creates an aura of being stunning, lovely and attractive all together.

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