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10 Best Natural Toners For Oily Skin

In this modern era who doesn’t want to get an oil free and glowing skin.Toning makes your skin look beautiful. Toning becomes more important when it comes to oily skin. People with oily skin have to take more care of their skin. The extra oil and dirt present in your skin is removed by toning. You can get a number of products in the market who claim that they are the best. But there is nothing better than a homemade treatment. Let’s see how your oily skin can be toned naturally.

Toners For Oily Skin

Let’s have a glace on some homemade toners for oily skin:-

White Vinegar:

You can clean your face by mixing white vinegar and water in equal proportion. By wiping your oily skin with this mixture can make your skin bright and oil free.

Mint Leaves:

Dip cotton in the solution containing mint leaves and water and apply it on your face. Here the water is boiled with mint leaves and is allowed to cool down. This helps you to tone your skin and make it soft and shiny.

Lemon Juice, Peppermint Tea and Hazel:

Boil water with lemon juice, peppermint tea and hazel. Allow the solution to cool down. Now apply that solution on your face and neck with the help of cotton pads. This amazing solution helps you to reduce stickiness of your face, makes it soft and even oil free.

Aloe Vera:

You can cure your skin rashes, sunburns and even tone your oil skin by wiping your skin with Aloe Vera juice. You can freshly squeeze the Aloe Vera juice for its application, as it is one of the best natural toners.

Cucumber and Curd:

Mix some curd with freshly grated cucumber. For 5-10 minutes allow this mixture on your face. It behaves as a great toner and cleanser. It is an excellent treatment for oily skin that works amazingly.

Rose Water and Camphor:

Take some rose water and a pinch of camphor in it. You will feel the magic when you apply it. It not only tones your oily skin but also acne-prone.

Ice Cold Water:

Ice cubes or ice cold water is the easiest and simplest ways to tone your oily skin. After cleansing you can wipe your skin by either of them to get a toned skin. It is the best natural toner for your oily skin.

Peach and Olive Oil/Almond Oil:

Peel and smash some peaches and mix it well with almond oil or olive oil. Cream is added to that mixture. Now this mixture is ready to use. You can apply this mixture with some lukewarm water for few minutes. This can help you to get fresh and clean skin.

Lemon Juice:

To make your skin oil free you can sponge pure lemon juice on your face or can rub lemon peels. It even helps you to lighten your skin color.

Egg White:

Daily for few minutes you can apply some egg white on your face. This behaves as a great toner.

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