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11 Health Benefits of Cucumber In Summer

Well cucumber is a very good part of your summer diet. There are various benefits to have cucumber. You can have cucumber salads every day to see its great health benefits in your life. The health benefits of cucumber are:

Health Benefits of Cucumber

In Respect to Calorie:

In respect to calorie cucumber just contains fifteen calories per hundred grams. Cucumber health benefits are so much because along with calories it does not even contain any saturated fat.

For Constipation:

One of the great health benefit of cucumber is it contains enough fibre which helps to prevent from constipation. And constipation is a big problem especially in old ages.

Prevention from Cancer:

Cucumber helps to get rid of the toxic oxides from the colon. Thus helps to protect us from the very dangerous disease colon cancer.

Reduction in Blood Pressure:

Among all the cucumber health benefits reduction in blood pressure is also one of them. Hundred grams of cucumber provides hundred and forty seven grams of potassium and two grams of sodium. And potassium is a very friendly electrolyte for the heart. Thus it helps to reduce the pressure of blood in the body and help to control the sodium level in the blood of the body.

Weight Loss:

Even weight loss is a great health benefit of cucumber. It provides natural water to the body and thus helps in maintaining weight and thus helps in weight loss.

Provides Vitamins:

Apart from vitamin E cucumber contains all the vitamins in itself. Amazingly thirteen point six percent of vitamin K is present in cucumber. That is seventeen microgram in per hundred grams. It helps in building the bone density of the body.

Strengthening Tissues:

Among all the health benefits of cucumber strengthening tissues is also a point. This is so because it has huge amount of minerals stored in it along with all the important vitamins.

Maintaining the Skin Tone:

This fruit contains huge amount of silica. According to the health experts silica helps is maintain a healthy and bright skin tone. So, this was also one of the cucumber health benefits.

Helps You from Dehydration:

Due to the water present inside cucumber it supplies the water needed by the body from fruits. So it even helps you from dehydrating. So always keep some cucumbers during travelling. Even if you finish water you will have cucumber to hydrate yourself up.

Prevents Diabetes:

During the production of insulin a hormone is required by the beta cells in the pancreas. This hormone is naturally present in cucumber. So all the diabetes patients reading this article, you have now one of the easiest ways to control your diabetes. And more over cucumbers are even very easily digested by the patients who are affected by this disease of diabetes.

Simple Storing:

Many things get rotten during this summer season. But, cucumbers are absolutely easy to store in this scorching summers. You just keep in the fridge. But remember to eat it within one or two days.

So, these were some of the great health benefits of cucumber and also why is it good in the summers.

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