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4 Importance of raw foods you should know

Can you tell why people, nowadays, fall ill so quickly or get exposed to diseases so often? This is because they use to consume maximum foods in raw. They never cut it into pieces to have it with fork or in slices with the skin thrown away for better chew. This consumption of food whole, made them fit and healthy maximum time. Do you think every food item that you eat is healthy and fetching you he exact nutrition it carries? Do you think the e rice or pulse that you eat conveys you the full protein it carries? Definitely not! You will be shocked to know the reason behind it. You yourself are responsible to throw away the nutrients from food.

why raw food is important

Today our content focuses on the importance of raw foods. It is very important for us to eat at least one food in day in raw form. Let us see why.

Raw foods contain so many nutrients and in huge quantity but we fail to get the exact value of nutrients. Many nutrients are carried away within the course it takes from market to mouth. When we purchase the food item, and bring it to home, we definitely do not cosnume it directly without washing. We wash it twice, thrice and sometimes four times for our satisfaction. Sometimes, fruits like apple, pear, guava, orange and any more, people peel off the skin and then consume. Even they wash the pulp inside. This frequent washing leads to loss of nutrients in the running water.

There are numerous benefits of consuming raw foods.

Many edibles like almonds, apples, guava, pears, chickpeas, grams, and many more edibles have much nutrition in their skin. This skin is when peeled off; you are kicking away the vital nutrients in just a throw. There will be no point of consuming the inner one as the skin, are very nutritious.

Importance of raw foods


The raw food diet is quite alkaline one. This property helps in creating balance within the body by encouraging proper uptake as well as utilization of oxygen and nutrients from blood, release of excreta from cells as well as various other procedures that takes place in cellular level. Raw diet food plan is well supplied with antioxidants which protects cells from damages of free radicals.

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Fresh ripen fruits contains essential enzymes which are required for proper digestion and better working further. Enzymes are important for single reaction in body. These enzymes unlock nutrients in foods as well as allow chemical reaction which enables one to perform metabolization as well as digestion of foods for proper hormone production.


Raw foods are full of minerals, phytonutrients as well as minerals. Phytonutrients are required as an additional support to vitamins. Sometimes, these nutrients act as catalyst for proper functioning of body.


Living foods such as sprouts, peas should be consumed when fresh and along with skin. Since these edibles contain large quantities of bio-photons, these foods will only fetch you health benefits in maximum way. If you consume fifty percent of raw foods every day, soon you will notice change in your body. It will keep you light, good digestion and better health evenly.

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The above foods clearly depicts the why raw food is important. It is never late. Form today onwards serves your family a plate of raw foods, if required ads some sauce to make it tasty. You can add any fruit like apple, guava or vegetables like carrot or radish or sprouts and if they all are fresh you will be growing fit day by day. So go raw and stay healthy. All the best.

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