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5 Best Hairstyles for Short Hair

Do you have short hairs? Are you turned bored of your regular boring hairstyles everywhere? Do you want to look different? Do you think you cannot make anything good out with short hairs? do you really think only long hairs can make you look good? Well today the motive of our cornet is on hairstyles and not on fitness. So ladies, if you have short hairs then you must go through the following listed hairstyles which would make you look gorgeous even in your office or in a party.

Ladies without proper hairs would not look good even if she has applied the most branded cosmetics. Therefore, it is very important for you to look after your hairstyle and how you carry them.

5 Hairstyles for Short Hairs

Cropped Bun:

Cropped Bun - Short Hairstyles

Cropped bun is not only meant for long hairs but also for short hairs. For this, you should have hairs up to your shoulders. Now, divide the hairs in three equal parts. Now, make out plate out of it. Tie a knot at the end leaving some strands of at least one inch. Now rotate the plate upwards and clip them. Clip the remaining strands of hairs close to your ears. Now let your locks drop in your face. These locks can be from both sides but in minimum thickness. This hairstyle will look fabulous in your western or Traditional attire. You can carry this hairstyle in your office too. With smoky shades and light color lipstick (as per your choice) will look you very beautiful.

Two Sided plait:

This is a cute hairstyle and will reflect a sweet look in your face. This hairstyle will go better with skirts, tunics, dresses, dungaree and other western wears. For this you have to make tow plates starting just above your forehead. Since these are two sided so you need to make out plait from both sides and clip them? You can either leave your hairs open from back or you can make a pony tail. Both will look gorgeous. As per your choice you can also let your locks drop from sideways.

Side plait And Bun:

Side Plate And Bun

For this you have to make plate from one side and carry them till your back just above your neck or close to your ear which is close to the starting of ht plait. Now clip them properly or fold them upwards and make out a bun. You can also add bead to it for party look and keep it simple in office. This would fabulously with your sari or formal wear in office.

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Half Clutch:

Half Clutch

Here there is a twist. Normally, we take half of our hairs and clutch them above. This looks so common but how about twisting them. For a new look, you will have to take hair strands from both sides and clip them. Then again take few strands just below to previous one and clip them. Repeat it three to four times till your half head is covered. Now, leave the hairs open below. This will provide an elegant look you you. The best thing is that you can carry it easily in your office. This may take few time but try it, you will get good compliments.


bow hairstyle for short hair

How about making bow in your head? Sounds so cool, isn’t it? For this you have to make two sides in your head. You have to do the very you make a bow with ribbons. Take the two and tie a simple knot and then make out a bow. Remember this bow should be fluffy.

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