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5 Best Tips To Have The Perfect Kiss

A healthy relation do requires a healthy bonding as well as good intimacy. Though kissing is not just a part of romance but an art which is when performed with certain points gives a strong effect. So if you are planning to kiss your in your coming date and is confused as to how to make it a special one then we have brought for you few tips that ensures you to have perfect kiss.

Tips To Have The Perfect Kiss

The 5 tips to have the perfect kiss are as enlisted below:

1. Private Kiss:

This is the first thing you should maintain before kissing. How much ever you are in excited, do not just grab your partner anywhere and everywhere. Instead look for a private area or your room, where you will not have a tension of getting a public eye and away from common disturbance. Romance is worthless if you do not feel it. And if you kiss your partner with a doubt of being caught then it is full waste. So, next time when you kiss your partner prefer an enclosed area and away from public or family.

2. Healthy Kiss:

Friends if you want that your partner should be happy after kissing and enjoys kissing then you must checkout your mouth. If you constantly have odor smell from your mouth then you must not prefer kissing. This would dissatisfy your partner thereby making a bad impression. You should grab a mint or lemon based chewing gum or chocolate before kissing. Any type of mouth freshener will also help you a lot. On a serious note, if your mouth emits foul smell then you must report it to your nearby dentist.

3. Kissing All Over:

Yeah! I do mean it. Kissing does not mean you have to kiss on your partner’s mouth. Instead you should kiss all over your partner’s body. A kiss all over will make the moment more romantic thereby, making you both more seductive to each other. Don’t just give a steady boring kiss to your beloved, instead try to kiss your partner from a soft kiss to a hard kiss. This variation will surely give a deep effect on both. So friend, the very next time you kiss your partner kiss him/her all over. The more you kiss, apart from mouth (all over) the more closer you people will be with thereby, creating the atmosphere to the high peak of healthy romance.

4. Eye Contact:

Oh! This seems much prefered one. Especially, with the Indians they prefer eyes being closed while kissing which seems to be quite boring. So, why not, enjoying kiss with your eyes wide open, and feel to such an exciting moment. If you open your eyes while kissing this will excite your senses much giving you more potential to kiss harder. Eye contact also drives you to a playful mood.

5. Better Facial:

Yes, it is very important for you to maintain a healthy skin. Either men or women, if you have hairs on your face or hands that is surely going to interrupt in between. Maximum women are carried by clean shaved face. Clean shaved face will ensure handsome kiss.

I hope that these tips to have the perfect kiss would have surely moved you. These tips are especially for you if you want your partner to stay happy and satisfied with you while and after kissing. Don’t just read it, try it in your life and see the result. Good luck!!! …

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