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5 Best Tips To Prevent Make Up From Melting

To stay beautiful, to look charming, to be young is every woman’s wish. Regarding which make up is an integral part of their life. Every woman puts on makeup on a regular basis. Is it going to an office, be it, visiting relatives, night put at pub, or attending any ceremonial wedding? But India is a tropical country, most of the places exposed to scorching heat and blistering temperature. Humidity can be added to such unfavorable conditions.

In all these situations your makeup tends to damage your beauty let alone enhancing it. The heat and humidity can melt your makeup, the makeup shouldn’t make you feel uncomfortable. You are always worried about removing the blemishes from your skin when you step out in sun. You have more important work out there than managing your make up all the time. 5 tips to prevent make up from melting are-

Prevent Make Up From Melting

1) Primer:

Putting a good amount of primer before the real makeup can do good with it. It can avoid make up from melting and it is proven to be way better than applying extra or double coat of makeup which will ultimately wear out. One can use a long wearing foundation, applying using a wet sponge which will let the makeup settle perfectly.

2) Ice Cube:

Before putting layers of makeup, wash your face and cool it down. Then rub ice in your face so that it closes your pores and makes it smooth for applying of makeup and hence less likely the makeup looses grip from your face. Remove every bit of oil from the face that can let your makeup slide , always keep it dry.

3) Light Layers:

And always apply light layers of makeup. Don’t overfill your face with makeup items, keep it light and sweet. It also proven that light and pale shades of makeup are less prone to fading when you go under sun. So apply lighter shades of eye shadows, foundation, blushes followed by eyeliner mascara etc. Also one can use sunscreens with SPF protection on your skin before make up. It will reduce the paling of original skin colour and protect you from skin diseases too.

4) Waterproof Mascara:

These items are really proven to be effective. They do not fall out in moisture, even if you swim they stay intact. Also there is water sprays available which if applied in intervals will not let your make up lighten. They will give a cooling effect in a hot sun too. Eyeliner can be dipped in certain gel to enhance its longevity.

5) Lip Glosses:

For time being replace lipsticks with lip glosses. They are easy to be reapplied, they enter deep into the pores of lips and tend to damage your make up less. Lipsticks are very thick, darker and more vulnerable to loss in heat. Moreover some spots are more prone to sweating. Those spots should be more applied with try talc and bronzer to keep it dry.

Above simple tips and processes can help you with your makeup in hot summer days. Everyone wants to look gorgeous and attractive all the time. Why not take an extra step to customize your makeup ideas according to the direction of the sun.

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