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5 Eye Makeup Tips For Teenage Girls

Beauty is the ornament of one’s charming personality. It is sought after everywhere. A human takes birth with innocence in mind and face and as it grows it gets inclined towards materialistic and customized beauty enhancement techniques: makeup. Women are prone to apply make- up as they have a great affinity towards grooming up themselves .It acts as their hobby. From an early age an inclination comes towards trying new beauty products. Wearing make-up is their right. The make- up prone areas is cheeks, eyes, lips. Makeup is for enhancing the natural features of a person not suppress the natural features or completely change the look. So it is important to choose appropriate products and even more important for teenagers to maintain their young look and simultaneously enhance quality of look. For teenagers makeup shouldn’t be put on a regular basis that is overdoing of it. Even that can damage the soft, young skin too.

5 Eye Makeup Tips

5 good eye make-up tips for teenage girls can be-

1) Eyebrows:

In order to make your eyes and face glowy, one should not forget he eyebrows. Brush your eyebrows every time you want to look presentable. Brush them so that they look sharp and straight .It gives a smart and neat look in the face. Go for threading if you have once started to. And touch up the eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil for a augmented beautiful look.


It is used to border the flaps of the eyes to make them look noticeable and gorgeous. For teenagers too much of eye liner can give a sinister look. And it should be applied uniformly in an artistic way. It is said that if your eyes are small your eyeliner should be accordingly light to match it up. Not only stay confined to black, there are range of colors to make you look innocent and beautiful.

3) Mascara:

Now it is the time of eye lashes to be groomed. They are meant to be darkened, high lightened grown thicker. The brush of the mascara should go outwards with the lashes to make it noteworthy. Shades ranging from brown, black etc depending on the color of the eye. Too much of mascara can cause thick bits of hair.

4) Eye Shadow:

Close your eyes gently. The portions just above the lashes are for eye shadow application. And eye shadow exists in range of colors, blue gray, magenta etc. Obviously these wouldn’t suite a smart person on casual and routine outing. The bright color would do the best which would enhance your look in the blink of the eye.

5) Collyrium (kajal):

It is a very old substance used to beautify the eye and it even keeps the eye clear. It is available in market and can be easily created at home as well. This gives a small, young and fresh look to your face. It is generally applied in the lower border of the eyes and lasts for long. Even babies are applied with it for proper shape of eyes and keep it healthy and devoid of infections.

There are varieties of options to groom you up but the real beauty lies in originality and being natural. Stay young, be charming.

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