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5 Reasons You Should Never Go Out Without Applying Sunscreen

The sunny days have come back where sun is at full of its power. This scotching sun is at its extreme and is greatly affecting us in negative ways. These are destroying your skin and hair and thus if you do not protect them and take preventive steps to cure this then you will definitely loose your looks, beauty and not look good as well. This scorching sun emits harmful rays which have several ill-effects on our beauty too. So it is a high time that you start to think and start taking care of your skin. For this you need to apply the guard to your skin by applying good sunscreens to your face that could act as a Savior to your beauty and looks.

Go Out Without Applying Sunscreen

In this sense generally the most common and the silly mistake or we can say simply the ignorance which we do is to skip to apply sunscreens. This must be applied on daily basis in a proper manner so that you remain as you are and thus look as mesmerizing and glamorous without any tension of your enemy of your skin which is the sun . Using sunscreen will not allow the sun to reflect its harmful effects on you and thus you remain protected too.

One must definitely know the effects that can be caused if you do not use sunscreen and also when to apply sunscreen. Some of the effects are:

Premature Skin Ageing:

We all want to look young and glamorous all the time. The sun rays at your face can make you look dull and develop signs of aging at a very early age. This is perhaps the most amount of damage that you can do to your skin if you are exposing it to the sun directly without using sunscreen. Ageing signs like fine lines and wrinkles can develop on your face at a very younger age if you do not use a sunscreen.


This is one of the most common and noticeable effect which you can see if you do not use sun screen. The skin gets tanned and color of your skin can become dark and irregular too sometimes if you do not use it. This makes your skin to get darker shade and looks so dull and destroys your looks greatly.


Sometimes due to the over exposure to the sun , results in your skin to turn red with some blisters on it which are called sunburn skin. It can happen when you are exposing your skin to the sun for a very long time without use of any sun protection.


Sometimes dark spots on your skin are a result due to the heat from the sun which can make these even more worse and even give rise to new ones if you do not take care of it. When these strong UV rays falls repeatedly on that exposed areas such as face, arms, legs, then it will get worse. So skipping sunscreen can darken them further especially if you are fair-skinned.

Skin Cancer:

Skin cancer are one of the major risks that you can do if you expose yourself to sun for longer time and do not use any remedy or sunscreen which can lead to this problem or it can also sometimes lead to allergies of skin too.

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