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5 Summer Make-Up Tips To Look Stunning

Summer days are back again where sun is at full of its power. The heat of the sun is at an alarming rate and it is a high time that you get ready to protect yourself. The sun’s rays are very powerful and are burning hot enough that you can become as ugly and dark as you could never think of about yourself. But as we all know everything in this world has a solution so is the same for your looks and make up. Make ups are not only a coverage for our beauty looks but also is important in maintaining a standard and class among our circles We all especially women’s know the importance of makeup in our day to day life. So now the time has gone when you used to do heavy make up to look good in this summer. Now it is the time when you just need to feel much confident and highlighted by endowing yourself with proper light makeup and is fresh too. Even you can play around with colours and look stunning as well. May it be any occasion or any special event we can have a mesmerizing look by simply having our proper make up done.

Summer Make-Up Tips

So here are some of the summer makeup tips to help you out.

1) Foundation:

Foundation is a good option and an alternate for you to look stunning and fresh even in this hot summer. This also ensures that your make-up stay for long in this hot summer days. But use such type of foundation that matches your skin tone. Use it especially under your eyes, cheeks, chin to create the base for your make-up.

2). Concealer

Dark circles are one of the common hindrances to our makeup. So in this case applying concealer is one of the best options you can go for. So it is said that if you are having some darker areas, then concealer are a good option for you. This can also be used to make your eye-shadow stay on for longer period of time.

3) Powder:

Powders are one of the common make up product used even by the celebrities too. One should use a good quality powder to make you look fresh, and fragmented. This also imparts a glowing look. Using a good quality powder is very essential to have long lasting makeup.

4) Eyeliner:

Eyeliner especially a long lasting, non-smudge black liquid eyeliner is a good one . This improves the overall look of your eyes. Always it is advisable that you use a waterproof gel eyeliner. This can be applied in a cat-eye shape to look sexy and adorable.

5) Mascara:

Applying two to three coats of mascara on your top lash line is a very good approach to your makeup. If you want a long lasting makeup you can go for applying coats of black mascara of some good renowned company which never smudges and is easily removed.

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