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5 Ways To Spend Time With Your Loved Ones

After our daily routine life we often like to spend time with our beloved. However, sometimes our pacing life makes us so busy that we even forget that when we had spend quality time with our partner. Simply talking over phones or chatting in skype won’t cooperate all time. You need to be together leaving behind all sorts of distance. If you are confused how to know your partner in a better way then read following listed points. Here, as per your requirement we have brought for you few ways that will surely help you to get more acquainted with your loved ones.

Spend Time With Your Loved Ones

Ways to spend time together are as follows:

1. Warm Sleep:

Sometimes a good warm sleep helps aiding the distance between the two. Whenever you go to sleep try to avoid all the distractions such as kids, or your books, magazines or may be your gadgets. These things will move you more far from your partner being in one bed. So this night give a warm hug and delighting kiss to your partner before sleep.

2. Plan for Your Partner

Yes, if your partner is having his or her birthday approaching or your wedding anniversary then you should plan something special either in home or in your terrace or outside like a date. You can well décor your room with delighting bulbs and scented candles with proper usage of scented flowers and music. You should also add wine and a short romantic dance before dinner.

3. Luxurious Romantic Moment:

Every weekend you can plan for a warm romantic bubble bath or an exotic massage where you people will get intimated enough. This can be the most sensual as well as delighting moment. The aroma of scented candles, the dim lights, flowers or the dim music will surely reach you to a different place.

4. Party Hard:

Yes, the more you people will be together more closer you will be. Go for numerous clubbing, beach parties, date each other. You must go to places where you people first met. You should even celebrate your first meeting every year apart from love festivals. These parties and clubbing are the fun and romantic moments which you will be cherishing the most in your future.

5. Long Drive:

Long drive is a good choice for spending time. You must fill your tanker to the fullest and make your partner sit beside you or your back in a car or on your bike and talking about each other or your old days. Go far distance and have some ice-cream or phuchka or momos or syrup filled rings or the snack of your choice. These small things will help you know more of each other.

6. Do Things Together:

Yes, not only partying or clubbing but you people can share house works which will make you people closer. Works like dusting a shelf together or in cooking or gardening or decorating your house personally will add emotional warmth to your place. You people can even watch movie every night or in weekend as per your schedule. Playing video games is much better option, where you people will behave like kids busy winning against each other. Together working will help you people realize more of yourself.

Above listed are the best ways to spend time with your partner. Apply it and feel the change in your relationship. These ways are sure to satisfy you making you know more and close to your loved one.

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