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6 Benefits Of Lavender Oil For Your Skin

Like many other natural oils this lavender oil is also one of the most auspicious and useful oil which has millions of advantages irrespective of other oils. This lavender oil has been used from very early times, and this is a evergreen shrub which comes from lavender. Both lavender and its oil form are useful in many aspects like it has an easy-to-grow property firstly, it shrub produces clumps of flowers which are really beautiful and full of wonderful aroma. So both lavender and lavender oil are valued for their fragrance and its versatility. Apart from this the flowers of this is used in crafting purpose ,some type of home decor, and the main essential oil are usually added to bath and body care products. These were some of the benefits of lavender oil. Apart from this it is also used in antiseptic and antibacterial purposes. Also it is used frequently in treating insomnia, anxiety, depression, and natural stress and thus gives relief.

Benefits Of Lavender Oil

Some other benefits of lavender oil for skin are:

1) Treat Acne:

This acne problem is a common problem among all of us. So in this regard using this oil as a remedy for treating your acne or pimple problem is a very good and wonderful option. The usage of this will not only make your skin free from acne marks rather make you feel good and fresh too due to its sweet fragrance. Apart from this various skin disorders like eczema and wrinkles are also treated with this oil.

2) Heals Burns and Cuts:

This oil helps in healing wounds by forming scar tissues, which is very essential in today’s life. This heals the cuts and burns signs too and gives relief. This lavender can also help to soothe your skin that area where any insect if bites you and also treats itchy skin. It is also used to prevent various infections and the bacterial or any fungal disorders. The rate at which this oil heals the part of any burns or cuts or any scrapes is very quick.

3) Soothes Dry Skin:

If you are having a dry and chapped skin and you want a solution which can cure this without any irritating smell of all those coconut oils or any, then you can definitely go for this. Simply you need to rub this lavender oil on area of dry skin.

4) Lips:

Our lips are a very sensitive part of our body which enhances the overall beauty of a person. So one must surely take care of his or her lips from the harmful effects of the environment like scorching sun, pollution and many more. So in such case this use of lavender oil is an excellent choice for protecting and guarding your skin of lips. Apart from this it also cures dried lips.

5) Bee or Insect Bite:

Sometimes fortunately or unfortunately due to some or other reason we face the problem and the pain of the bite from an insect or any bee which looks so embarrassing and gives pain too. So lavender oil can be used in such case which not only cures this but also gives you temporary relief. You need to put a drop of lavender oil on a bee sting or insect bite to stop itching and thus reduce swelling of it.

6) Calming:

In this hot summer our body and especially our skins and face suffer a lot. Our face gets heated and burns a lot in summer. So applying some drops of lavender oil over your face can give you some relief It will also make you feel fresh and good due to its sweet smell. It can be applied to any parts like feet, wrists to get the immediate calming effect on the body.

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