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6 Benefits Of Shikakai Soap For Hair

Hair scalps should be rich in oil contents for proper look and growth. Usage of chemicals for their treatment, cleaning and beauty soak oils and other beneficial nutrients which results in hair fall, damaged ends, dry and rough surface, improper growth etc. other factors like humid weather, dust, pollution, blistering heat causes hair damage and appearance of dandruff which will check proper hair growth. Shikakai falls in the category of natural remedies for hair treatment. It is a naturally growing product which is mostly found in central and northern parts of the country. Various forms of Shikakai –

Benefits Of Shikakai Soap For Hair

In rural areas it is directly used in powdered form for cleaning of hair. Shampoos and soaps made up of Shikakai are available in markets. It is known to be mixed with other substances like fenugreek, green gram, curry leaves, basil leaves, reetha (soap nut ). All dried for half a day and powdered together. Then they are supposed to be applied with curd to the hair for utmost nourishment. This gives a gleaming hair with all damages repaired.

Following are some benefits of Shikakai soap for hair:-

1)Since it is rich in vitamins like Vitamin C and Vitamin D which accelerates the growth rate and make the hair dense and long. The texture of the hair is turned to soft and smooth. It also increases hair growth in bald heads gradually.

2)It acts as a natural cleanser which doesn’t removes the natural oil content of the hair. IT even acts as an agent who reduces hair tangling due to moisture and sweat. This even stinks from the hair and gives it a natural attractive fragrance. Extra rose petals can be added to the powder for magnificent smell.

3) It helps reducing dandruffs from hair and treating skin diseases which are quite major and problematic hair issue. People generally sought after many costly chemicals and shampoos for dandruff removal and prevention of hair loss, why not go for Shikakai which is a ultimate solution for this common problem.

4) Helps in proper hair dye. Before the application coloured dyes, which are mostly chemicals and affect the texture of hair and make it rough, the hair should be washed with Shikakai. It helps the hair soak the dye in a better way and acts as a protection against the chemicals. It helps to retain dye’s effect for long time.

5) It is also proven to have low pH levels hence it is good for those who have scalp allergies or any type of sensitivity from any product. Other soaps and shampoos can cause infections, make them dry and damaged.

6) Above all the benefits it turns out to cheaper than other counterparts. It’s a bit time consuming to prepare it and find the ingredients actually, but all the items are together available in market.

Hence Shikakai is an asset for females who crave for long, beautiful, silky and smooth hair in the era of pollution, grubby atmosphere, unpredicted weather and all unnatural effects. Healthy hair is a sign of human’s youth and activeness.

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  1. Shubha Mandiar

    very good, i have started using in the past 2 months,

    my friend gave me the shikakai powder which she got from her friend,

    brand name is called pure, try and see the difference.

    i am also applying that to my baby, so use it and see the results. also avoid shampoo


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