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6 Best Tips To Protect Your Hair From Humidity

Hair is a beautiful asset of beauty. Everyone wants their hair to be beautiful, silky and smooth. However humidity can ruin your beauty. Let your hair be long straight, or curly , or wavy the hairdo is impaired with the weather being humid. No one can wash the hair everyday to keep it fresh and beautiful. Unwanted curls and frizzes start appearing when the weather is full of moisture.

Protect Your Hair From Humidity

6 best ways to protect your hair from humidity can be –

1) Dry Naturally:

Busy people are prone to dry their hair with iron and driers for quick functioning. Although this quick heat makes the hair dry soon but the tail ends of the hair become frizzy. Instead if they dry naturally they are less prone to humidity. Also don’t step out with wet hair which is a moisture prone condition.

2) Protect:

Apply good protective hair sprays and serum before straightening, curling or ironing your hair in any way. It should not be haphazardly put, the sprays should be applied properly to each inner strand of hair to which the heat is going to be applied. And always rely on good quality hair driers, driers having good feedback. Another tip added to ironing activity, make sure that your hair is completely cool before you step down to the sun, else it will catch moisture easily. If you do not have much time to cool down, straighten your hair at night before sleeping which will give you enough time to cool down till morning.

3) Hair Spray:

Keep a good hair spray with you all the time when you go out in hot sun. It is very helpful. Apply it time to time for fresh and cool hair which will avoid some curling too. It kind of acts as a covering against humidity.

4) Avoid Oiling:

When it is too hot, the risen temperature tends to produce more oil in the hair. Avoid natural oiling in those hot summer days, because more amount of oil will catch more moisture to the hair. Wash the hair more often for excess oil appearing in your scalps.

5) Dry Shampoo:

If a person doesn’t have much time to wash the hair daily then dry shampoo can play the part of cleaning and keeping the hair fresh for a great time. Dry shampoo can even be replaced by baby powder, which on sprinkling on the scalp can absorb oil from it.

6) Conditioner:

Don’t forget to use a good conditioner after the shampoo. It avoids forming of curls and knots in the hair. The curls can more likely absorb moisture from the hair.

It is best advised that when you are moving out in sun, tie a bun so that less parts of hair are exposed to direct heat and sun. Make your hair in such a way that after opening the tied hair when you move your fingers you can get back your hair style and a beautiful look.

So change your habits a bit in this sunny, hot summer to keep your beautifully looking hair smooth and silky till the sun sets down.

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