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6 Reasons Why You Can’t Stop Scratching Your Head

Do you often suffer from itching your scalp or have the urge to itch your scalp? Does this make you feel embarrassed or ashamed in public? If yes then this is the perfect place that will guide you and help to relief the problem. In this huge populous world there may be hundreds of reasons that could be a reason for your itchy scalp like dandruff, dirty hair containing lie any many more.

Stop Scratching Your Head

In order to stop scratching your head one needs to follow several strategies in their daily routine and abide by it totally. To get rid of this irritating problem, you need to find out the real and actual reason which is causing the itch in your scalp. Some of the list of possible reasons for these are:

1) Lice Problem:

Lice are one of the first things that one can guess about when it comes to scratching our head. These are the parasites which live and grows in number at a very faster rate on the scalp. If you are also one of them, you can get rid of it with the help of use of medicated shampoos and home remedies. It is also very important to maintain good hair hygiene to prevent them.

2) Dandruff Due To Pollution:

Dandruff can also lead to an itchy scalp due to the dirt’s overhead and also when more accumulation of dirt and grime is there. The excess sebum produced by the scalp increases the itchiness further. Usually the scalp is either very much dry or even greasy when one has dandruff which also contributes in creating an itch.

3) Infection:

Sometimes you may suffer from itchiness in the scalp due to the presence of infections developed in it. If your itchiness is not due to any of the common reasons mentioned above then, you may be suffering from a skin condition which has reached even your scalp or even skin infection. This would make your scalp very itchy and scratching it with your hands or nails could further exacerbate or worsen the condition.

4) Dry Scalp:

If your scalp is too dry then it can also be one of the reason of your problem. It is bound to be itchy as well. This is because dry scalp generally lacks any moisture or hydration which makes it very rough. In order to get out of this problem, you first need to realize your dry scalp and then take the proper action. A proper massage of oil or a rinse with apple cider vinegar will help reduce the dryness and also the itchiness.

5) Greasy Scalp:

When these grease accumulates on the scalp, it tries to repel them which generally causes the itchiness. So one needs to take care of that.

6) Hair Products You Use:

The more elaborate your hair care regimen is, the higher is the chances of having issues such as an itchy scalp.

Maintaining proper hair hygiene will keep itchy scalp at bay.

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