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6 Ways To Clean Your Hair You Should Know

Long hair is the asset of female beauty. Not only females but some males hailing from northern state of Punjab tend to have long beautiful hair as a religious custom. It is quite cumbersome to maintain long hair properly for their proper growth extra care and nutrients are to be applied. They tend to deteriorate with weather, pollution, chemicals and even age. It is necessary to clean them and keep them fresh and healthy. Different ways to clean the hair are,

Clean Your Hair

1) The Customary Shampoo:

Cleaning the hair with shampoo has been an age old technique. There you soak your hair with water properly so that it is easy to create foam from that shampoo. Then apply shampoo all around the skull and properly massage your head with your fingers vigorously to get the dirt out of the scalps. Keep the foam in the hair for properly socking in the scalps then completely rinse your hair until there are no bubbles or foam descending from the hair. Repeat the process if it is too dirty. Apply conditioner at the end to keep it smooth and silky .Don’t rinse the hair with hot water as it will weaken the roots of the hair.

2) Baking Soda And Vinegar:

Two solutions are to be made. Baking soda with water in one part to two parts ratio and vinegar and water with one part to three parts ratio. Rinse your hair with water completely. The baking soda solution is too poured on the hair surface. It will give a grubby look but it would be a help. After keeping it for sometime apply the vinegar solution as a spray and rinse it properly .This is a natural remedy to clean the hair.

3) Natural Shampoo:

Shikha kai (a naturally grown product), methi seeds, green gram, basil leaves, curry leaves, soap nut (commonly known as reetha) can make a dry powder to clean hair. These substances are rich in various vitamins and provide cleaning and nourishing effect simultaneously .To apply it dry them in sun for 12 hrs. When it is completely crisp, grind them to create a powder which can be stored for days. Apply them mixing with curd to make a paste. This would clean your hair in a nourishing way.

4) Fenugreek And Curd Paste:

This is another simple hair cleaning technique. Powder the seeds and mix them with curd. Apply them in hair scalps. Keep it for some time n wash, it will clean and repair the damaged strands of hair too.

5) Dry Shampoo:

They come in the form of powder and spray. Those who do not have time to wet the hair and clean them sincerely, those busy persons and opt for this. This is a spray which cleans your hair and keeps it fresh for a daylong .This will not soak oil from the hair but it will clean it.

6) Soap:

Even short hair can be cleaned with the application of shop. They have enough cleaning agents to clean the hair. They behave similar to shampoo of creating foam on being rubbed vigorously.

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