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6 Ways To Determine Your Skin Tone

Choosing the perfect make-up which will look perfect on your skin tone is actually a hassle task faced by every woman. Apart from what’s hot in this season you have to look for which looks best on you. A thing which is hot in this season will become outdated after two or three months. Following the trend is not a big deal. What is more important than that is you have to choose the make-up style irrespective of what is hot and what is not. This article will help you in choosing the right shades that will look the best on you based on the color of your skin tone.

Ways To Determine Your Skin Tone

Know Your Skin Tone:

It is important to know your skin tone. In order to determine your skin tone all you have to do is wear a white color shirt/t-shirt and stand in front of the mirror. Make sure you are under natural light or incandescent light. Other lights may reflect your skin, so avoid them. If your skin appears to be more yellow-red then it means that you have a warm skin tone. If it appears to be pink-blue then you have a cool skin tone. Warm and cool are the two basic skin tones. If u determine it would be easier for you to choose your make-up color.

There is another way to determine the skin tone. People with green veins have warm skin tone and those with blue veins have cool skin tone.

Know Your Skin Color:

You have to know that the skin color is different from skin tone. People with same skin color can have different skin tones. You can find your skin color from four different categories-fair, medium, olive and dark. Understanding the perfect skin color will help you choose perfect shades. It mainly depends on your ethnicity and genetics.


Finding a perfect foundation that matches your skin tone is definitely going to be a tough task. You will have to try out many foundations. The Foundation should match your under-tone.the best place to try foundation is between your lower cheek and jaw –bone. Choose cool color foundation if you have cool skin tone and more yellowish one if you have warm skin tone.


Blush should complement and blend with your skin tone. More over it should not look steaky on your cheeks. You can take your time to choose your perfect blush to highlight your cheeks in a pleasant way. But if you happen to choose a wrong one then whole of your make-up efforts will be a waste.

Suggestions: Dark skinned people can go with the shades of plum for cool skin tone and burnt orange for warm skin tones. Browns and copper are the best shades for olive skinned. People with medium skin tones can use apricot, coral or peach blush. Pink is the best selection for fair and cool skin tones. People with warm skin tone can go with beige or tawny.

Eye shadow:

Eye shadow, if chosen properly will make your eye look beautiful and lovely which in contrary will spoil your whole face as they say eyes are the important part that needs to be concentrated while doing make-up. Choose a color that complements your skin and enhances you eye color.

Suggestions: People cool skin type can choose blue, grey, silver, pink and plum shades. Warmer toned people can pick golden hue shades. Darker skinned people can boldly go for bolder colors.


The dominant color of the lipstick could be found by testing it on a white sheet of paper. Lipstick should be picked up careful as it high lights your lips and adds points to your makeup.

Suggestions: Red, brown and warm shades are the best for warmer skin tones. Cool and dark skinned people can choose to wear shades of pink and purple.

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