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7 Amazing Tips For A Perfect Striped Manicure

You can get amazing and wonderful nails if striped manicure is done perfectly. You get a rainbow style nails which looks damn attractive and stylish. You can try in with different colors that you like. But generally people love some similar types of shades like blue, pink or green. Sometimes it takes a long time and many tries to get the right thing but once you get it the results are amazingly stunning. Many people maintain themselves up to date this is one of the trends that are coming in fashion and are fun to do.

Perfect Striped Manicure

Some tips to stripe manicure your nails:

Gather Your Tools:

It is a fun job but requires many tools and paints. By having all the desired tools and equipment’sat the same time will help you to save time and even make your job easy. You will defiantly not like when you will drag yourself for a tool in mid of the manicure. You will need to have tools which you desire with a base coat and a perfect top coat. You can also try a nail pen or a striper brush. A good idea is to buy a pack of stripe stencils especially if you are new to stripe manicure.

Prepare Your Nails:

Before having a manicure on your nails you should first prepare them. Like you should shape your edges then polish it properly so that the nail paint that you apply is spread evenly. Your nails should be cleaned. Now your nails will be well prepared for the striped manicure.

Create Your Base:

The base coat you do should be clean. It is really helpful for a long lasting manicure. It even strengthens your nails and provides a good and smooth base. People who often polish their nails should have a base coat on their nails. If you use dark colors it even avoids stain on your nails.

Apply One Solid Color:

On your whole nail you should apply a single solid color for good stripe manicure. To achieve a brighter color on stripe it is easy when you apply a solid color. For best results you should apply at least 2 coats of base color.

Applying The First Stripes:

Apply two stripes to the center of your nail once the base color is dried up. You can use the nail pen or the striper brush. Center stripe works as a base color.

Apply Additional Stripes:

You can use the same brush to make different stripes the only thing you need to do is to clean the brush with nail paint remover whenever you change the color. You base color should be fully covered with the stripes.

Stunning Touches:

Apply the top coat once the stripes are dried. It brings an amazing finishing effect on your nails and even protects and seals your gorgeous work on your nails. You can try different things such as the use of glitters and even different attractive colors. Go on and try something of your own.

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