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7 Amazing Ways To Propose Your Love

Well there is actually no perfect scheduled time to tell the love of your life that you love him or her. You just need to make the person feel special by speaking the three magical words from your mouth. But still for suggestion it can be said that:

Amazing Ways To Propose Your Love

A Romantic Dinner:

A candle light dinner is one of the best places to confess your feelings for the person. Take the person to a romantic candle light dinner and play that person’s favourite song and a keep a bunch of his or her favourite flowers.

Beach Side:

If the person whom you are going to propose loves lonely places then a beach side is an amazing option to propose. If you do not have a beach near your home then you can take the person in a highway resort. Highway resorts are usually empty. So it will be a quiet place to propose. Kneel down in front of the person and propose him or her.

Long Drive:

You can take the person in a long drive also. A long drive with a romantic song playing in the media player is very much romantic.Make your car smell fresh. Keep good chocolates either dark or normal (according to the person’s choice). You might not know that the proposal might end with a romantic chocolate kiss. So, always keep your options open.

At Home:

If the person whom you are going to propose feels the best place to be at home with parents. Then if you know with a guarantee that his or her parents take you to be their in-law then decorate the person’s room with everything possible. Like- his or her favourite colour balloons, card with a love message, favourite song in the background. If possible the room should be decorated with lighting candles. Make sure none of your candles are off when the person enters the room. Surprise the person by proposing in front of his or her parents. This could be also a great way to propose and say “I love you” to your partner.

At The Game:

If the person whom you are going to propose loves to play then one of the best ways is to propose in front of all the public at the end of the match. This surely will bring tears to the person’s eyes.

Proposal With Ritual:

If you are a kind of couple who believes in rituals a lot then take the person to a temple, or church etc. to propose in front of God. This might also be a great way to propose your love.

Over The Dance:

You can even propose the person on a dance date. Dance on a romantic song, bring romance in the air and while dancing propose him or her. It will be like a filmy proposal.

These are some of the great ways in which you may like to propose your love. Oh! By the way these were not only options for boys. All the girls out there of the 21st century you can even try these methods out to propose your guy.

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