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7 Best Food Habits You Should Follow

Do you want to stay fit? Do you want to get rid of your body pains and problems? Do you want to look good and slim in whenever you are before your mirror? Do you want too want to look good and be the queen of your cool gang? We all try to stay fit and healthy. People follow perfect diet plan, intake good supply of water proper workouts yet they fetch slower results. What’s the reason? Is there any problem in your body which needs to be treated? Well no. there is no such reason. Just go through the points deliberately.

7 Best Food Habits

7 Best Food Habits

Change Your Lifestyle:

First of all set a diet plan and move according to it. Look for the changes incurred in you with the course of time. Limit the intake of calorific food bur do not over restrict it. Thus may lead to deficient of some kind of nutrients in the body.

Drink More Water:

Make sure what you drink is germs free. The intake water should be clean, healthy and pure one. unhygienic water tends to harm the weight of the body to certain extent. If you do not have purifiers at home then, you can boil the water and then strain it with cotton cloth. The water so obtained is very healthy and will help you eradicating toxicants from your body.

Eat Less Burn More:

Eating much and workout more is will fetch you zero result. If you are taking 100 calories the burn 150-200 calories. This will burn up your stored fats and make you look slim. When you eat try to eat less than your hunger capacity. You will be losing much weight if you your stomach is empty. This emptiness does not mean you need to starve but at least a space of one chapatti or two bananas.

Best Lysine Rich Foods

Reduce Starchy Carbohydrates:

Reduce the consumption of potatoes, rice, white bread, junk foods and other starchy edibles. Better to eat more of green vegetables, juices, smoothies (healthy one for change in taste). Eat more of salad and you can have tarmarind dip for taste. Try to drink green tea and cut off coffee and tea which can increase caffeine level in your body.

Foods You Should Not Miss Out:

Some foods that you should not miss out for a healthy body should be kept in mind. These foods can be eggs, milk, fish, green-leafy vegetables, cereals and beans. These foods are rich in nutrients, anti-oxidants, proteins, vitamins, minerals and many more.

Avoid Cheese and Butter:

If you have a tendency to eat bread or sandwich with butter and cheese then avoid them strictly. Toast them or grill them. This would also taste much good. Do not use ghee in pulses or chapattis (especially used by Indian families).

Cook Them Properly:

Do not wash fruits after cutting them. Do not over heat or over cook food. This would decrease the nutrient content of the food and keep your body deprive of essential nutrients. When you boil rice (if you cannot resist) then do not throw away the starchy liquid. Drink it with some salt spread on it. This would provide you quality amount of nutrients in your body.

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