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7 Best Foods to Increase Blood Platelets

Are you being told by your doctor that you have less count of blood platelets? Do you often fall sick due to it? Is your treatment not functioning well? Well any treatment will not work properly unless you have an appropriate diet plan for your health. Only medicines and unwise to select your food may be effective. Try out following listed foods that would surely help you to increase your blood platelet count.

Foods to Increase Platelets

Platelets are the tiniest cells found in blood stream which protects our body against the excessive loss of blood while in an injury. These platelets helps to cloth the blood but less count of these platelets may lead to loss of blood through the cut or injury. Let us see 7 foods to increase blood platelet

1. Pomegranate:-

Being multi faceted fruit helps in the treatment of low platelets. The rich red color of the fruit acts as a testament as to its large iron content. You can consume it in either juice or raw form with some peeper spread on it. Since the fruit is also rich in vitamins it will provide quality energy for the rest of the day.

2. Milk:-

Milk being a complete food is said so for its calcium, vitamins and other essential minerals content. Regular consumption of milk will help regenerating the number of platelets. It also helps in enhancing the ability to form clot. Lack of calcium in the body can slow down the clotting rate of blood and immense flow of blood from the body can lead to death (in extreme case like in an accident). If not milk then consume milk based products like cheese, cottage cheese, butter, curd, milk based sweets and many more.

3. Papaya:-

Papaya extract works best to increase the blood platelet count. All o you need to do is that put water as well as the leaves of papaya in kettle and heat them for ten to fifteen minutes. Slow heat will help to draw the extract from papaya. You will have to boil the content inside till the liquid simmers to half of its volume. Drink the mixture twice a day. This would help you to increase the count of blood platelet.

4. Vitamins:-

Try to have more of vitamins based food. This nutrient helps to regulate the procedure of the cell division as well a growth. Foods that fall in same category are kale, pumpkin, carrot as well as sweet potataoes. You can have it in salad form or prepare juice or smoothie of it by experimenting it with honey and lemon juice.

5. Go Green:-

Chlorophyll is an essential element with similar molecular as that of hemoglobin. It has a great effect in treating the blood overall. Juice of wheatgrass contains about seventy percent of chlorophyll. This is one of the best sources for the required nutrient.

6. Macrobiotic Diet:-

Including macrobiotic food in the diet will help you meet the desired ends. It helps to make an optimum blood production. It has wise blend of vegetables, organic beans as well as whole grains. Make sure you are away from alcohol, bitter melon, bitter lemon, tonic water, quinine and aspartame.

7. Proteins:-

If you have problems in blood then doctors always recommends including more of iron and protein in diet. Lean protein foods are a great source of vitamin B12 and zinc. These nutrients reverse the effects of thrombocytopenia. So have adequate amount of flesh, egg, fish, pulses and many more.

I hope you are well impressed by the above listed foods to increase blood platelet. Stay healthy and happy. All the best.

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