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7 Best Lysine Rich Foods

Do you really believe that you follow the best diet for yourself? Do you think that it is the perfect diet for your health? Does your diet include lysine foods? If not then add them immediately as they are essentially required for your good health. Let us know first about lysine foods.

Are essential amino acids which play a major role in the absorption of calcium as well as creation of collagen? Consumption of lysine foods may help you alleviate the infections of herpes simplex. These foods are required as lack of them can lead to blood shot eyes, anemia as well as fatigue. I hope you have understood the importance of lysine in body. Now, where to have such foods? Without wasting time let us see few foods which have good lysine content and are sufficient enough to make you fit.

7 Lysine Rich Foods are as follows-

1. Lean Lamb and Beef:-

Best Lysine Rich Foods - Lean lamb and beef

If you consume beef and lamb then you are going to be happy with this. These meats share numerous health benefits provided they are fresh. Among various benefits lysine is the most attractive one and plays a major role in your diet. It shares approx 3582 mg of lysine in every 100 gm.

2. Cheese:-

Best Lysine Rich Foods - Cheese

How many of you like cheese? Well every one. How can one ignore cheesy pizza or green cheese sandwich or cheesy stuffed parathas? Yummy, the aroma of the cheese seems to trickle in the nose for long even after you finish. Besides being so yum in taste cheese shares quality amount of lysine which equals to 3305 mg of lysine in every 100gm of it. You can have hard goat’s cheese, Edam and Gouda, gruyere, romana, Swiss cheese and many more.

3. Chicken And Turkey:-

Best Lysine Rich Foods - Chicken And Turkey

If you are non-vegetarian then there lies good news for you. Chicken or turkey meats ranks more than average content of lysine and therefore are also recommended by doctors for better health.

4. Soya Foods:-

Best Lysine Rich Foods - Soya Foods

Soya foods are immensely beneficial foods for one’s health. You must include soya foods in your diet for sure. These hold 2634 mg of lysine in per 100 gm. You can have dried frozen tofu, fried tofu, soy flour, natto and boiled soybeans.

5. Eggs:-

Best Lysine Rich Foods - Eggs

Eggs with high protein content is largely consumed by people either n boiled form or in shallow cooked form. These eggs shares about 912mg of lysine in every 100 gm. Cooked eggs are also high in lysine so need not to consume tasteless raw eggs. You can have fried egg, poached egg, hard boiled egg, omelets or scrambled eggs.

6. Seeds and Nuts:-

Best Lysine Rich Foods - Seeds and Nuts

Many of you may not like pumpkin seeds, but it owes greater health. It contains 1386 mg of lysine content. You can have many other seeds which also share the same benefit. Those are chia seeds, sunflower seeds, cashew nuts as well as flaxseeds, watermelon seeds as well as pistachio nuts.

7. Pulses:-

Best Lysine Rich Foods - Pulses

Pulses are quite nutritious for the body. Though pulses form a major part of one’s diet, especially in the Indian culture. Being unaware of the benefits provided by the pulses, some might ignore consuming pulses. Pulses contains about 668 mg of lysine in every 100 g. you can have it after cooking them. So go to the local market and purchase any of the listed pulses. Lentils, cranberry beans, split beans, black beans, pinto beans, yellow beans as well as chickpeas. The best part of these pulse are that they posses about 50 percent of the lysine which are important for your health.

Above are listed the Best Lysine Rich Foods which should be implemented in your diet right from today.

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