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7 Best Reasons to Include Milk In Your Diet

Milk is the best complete food termed ever. It has immense quantity of calcium, proteins, vitamins, minerals and little percentage of fats and carbohydrates. Milk is always welcomed by all age group for its goodness it shares. Small children like it in tats when consumed with flavoring powder like bournvita, horlicks or coffee.

Now, when the summer is setting in, one can have various milk based products for its taste and goodness. These dairy products can be cottage cheese, ice-cream, Indian (kheer, sewai), shakes, smoothies, lassi and many more. We can have varieties of milk products but largely observed in Indian states. These tasteful milk products share numerous health benefits which are jotted below.

7 benefits of milk:-

reasons to include milk in your diet


Milk is and milk based products are the nutritional powerhouse. With 9 essential nutrients, it shoulders high among the food items. These nutrients are potassium, calcium, niacin, riboflavin, vitamins, proteins, phosphorus and high quantity of proteins. If you include cheese or yogurt or milk everyday you are sure to be fit and healthy.

Health Benefits:

Dairy products or milk alone itself, can strengthen your bone to much an extent. It is therefore, for this quality, it is reckoned to drink milk everyday for kids and adults. It also reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases, lower blood pressure and type-2 diabetes. It also helps lowering the risk of metabolic syndrome, diabetes and obesity.

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It is amazing food sustainability. It means it provide its customers with various nutritious products which effects our communities environmentally as well as socially economically positively.

Fight Hunger:

Milk is supplied in various regions in gallons to provide nutrient deficient people. For, its complete foods by nature, milk can play best role for those who are health conscious. You can have a glass of milk every evening which can keep you full for long period of time and thereby preventing you from consuming calorific edibles.

Know more reasons to include milk in your diet


Milk is an important diet food of almost every family across the globe. It is quite affordable and therefore, an average middle class family can also afford it. One can get a package of nutrients in just one glass of milk that too, in some thirty to forty rupees (as per Indian currency system).


Milk products as well pasteurized milk are two of the e highest and safest quality foods in U.S. with so many processing, it is devoid of harmful bacteria and germs, making it appealing for one to drink.


Milk is very appealing and comfortable food. One can choose milk as per their need, if you are in diet then you can have skimmed milk with 0 fats, if you are skinny person or a patient and need energy from milk then you can have any of these- whole milk, flavored milk, cultured milk, processed cheese, lactose or lactose free milk.


Milk can be consumed at any time of the day. You can either pair it up with your sandwich in breakfast or you can have it in your snack time. You can also drink it after your dinner. Further, you can prepare numerous recipes out of milk or milk based products like cheese and cottage cheese. You can make cheese roll, cottage cheese roll, and cottage cheese baked, roasted or grilled. You can have them in any manner. The only point that matters is to have it. You drink milk or eat cottage cheese or yogurt; you need to induce in your body the goodness of milk.

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