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7 Best Ways to Keep Your Hands Soft and Young

Hands are one of the beautiful and attractive parts of our body. It is our hands that perform all the work. It is important to protect them from harshness while performing job. It is also important to maintain good skin and its attractiveness of your hands for confidence and healthy being.

Best Ways to Keep Your Hands

So let us see enlisted below illustrating ways that would help you maintain soft and healthy hands-

1.Protect Them From Cold:

Your hands need more care in cold. You must take special care of your hands as low temperature incurs damage to your hands thereby, making it rough as well as break in skin. Use gloves throughout the day even while doing any work. Covered hands will enhance the life of your hands. Besides wearing in winter, use gloves while doing any manual work.


Hydrated hands, is a key to attractive hands. Drinking much water will keep your hands hydrated and glowing. Never keep yourself thirsty. Whenever you feel thirsty, try to drink water more than your thirst. In fact you should drink at least 4 liters of water in a day. It will not only keep your hands glowing but also to your overall skin and remove all the toxins from your body.

3.Proper Moisturizers:

You must apply moisturizers in your hands twice a day, once in the morning and then in night hours. It is observed ladies carrying hand cream and apply several times in a day. Applying cream in hand more than two times in a day is harmful as it your hands will stop protecting your skin and will turn rough as soon as the cream is soaked. So if you apply more than two times then just stop it and apply only two times in a day.

4.Avoid Hot Water:

Hot water is a threat to the softness of your skin. Usage of hot water for washing or cleaning where, your hands come in direct contact with hot water makes them dry and lack moisture. In fact hot water with hard soap fetches more damage to hands.

5.Good Soap:

You must be wise enough while choosing soap. You must apply moisturized or anti-bacterial soaps for the betterment of soap. Dove, Dettol, Savlon, Margo and many more that can be good for you but you must go for only the best.

If soaps, are of local brand with more soda then it is sure to harm your skin. Therefore, it is suggested to use body wash gel for bathing purpose to those who have tender skin.


Sunscreens are widely used by women and men. If you have not started yet, then you must start it from today. If it is summer or winter you must apply sunscreen of Spf 15 which is enough to protect your hands from the harmful rays of sun.


You can use good hand packs if your hands are not getting maintained through normal moisturizers. Nowadays every cosmetic brand is launching care kits for hands and face which will enough for you to manage your hands.

The above listed points must have satisfied you by now. I hope you would be implementing it too. So ladies, start maintaining your hands and grooming for better personality.

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