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7 Makeup Tips Every Woman Should Know

Women are known for beauty. She is created to be adored for her physical beauty. Be it beauty of her eyes, lips, skin, hair, body etc. So every woman is proud of it and wants to preserve it for long. Not everyone is equally beautiful or satisfied with their, so those little unfortunate ladies take the help of makeup to grow pleasing and pretty. Make up is an art. It can give different degrees of beauty depending upon how skilfully it is done and what products are chosen for a particular person. So here are certain tips for looking better with makeup.

7 Makeup Tips

1)Lip Treatment:

To make your lip color or lipstick look brighter and evenly spread, one has to perform a step before it. Brush your lips with Vaseline to make it smooth i.e. fill the scratched skin with Vaseline. So this is how your lipstick suits you better and for shiny look one should not forget to put lip gloss.

2)Prominent Lips:

For those who have smaller lips can make it look noteworthy . This can be done by applying lip liner of a darker shade bordering the lips and as usual lip color to fill the lips. To make a lip color last longer, apply foundation powder before putting lipstick. It enhances the longevity.

3)Fresh Face:

To make your face look fresh for a whole day, apply foundation powder, that suits your complexion; it will not let the skin look oily or dry. Choose a proper color of foundation cream, if not available mix two-three shades along with rose water for perfect blending. Always apply powder where the skin is glowing more and then to other areas.

4) Eyebrow:

Eyebrows shaping should be done in a pointed manner and eyebrow shading should have darker appearance to give a bolder look.

5) Eyelashes:

For eyelashes to look dense and bigger, the mascara should be applies more on outer side of the eye which is towards the ear sides. Let it dry properly before you apply another coat on it .If the mascara is little warm it will make it can be applied in a smoothly and will be evenly spread.

6) Eye Liner:

This is an unavoidable part of makeup. The eye liner should be of way different colour than the so it makes your eye noticeable. Even this liquid should be warmed before using. Place your face in front of mirror differently. Move forward close to it loop up with your chin touching the mirror and you trying to look at the mirror will give a perfect angle for application of eyeliner.

7) Blush:

To apply blush in the cheeks, find a perfect pink shade for your complexion, and smile to apply it so that you decide the appropriate amount of area for color. And apply the color with a movement of brush from bottom to top.

All the above tips can make you look different and charming. Don’t forget to tie your hair in a trendy way .Everything in the perfect amount gives the best output .Smile with happiness to look even more beautiful.

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