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7 Reasons To Remove Your Makeup Before You Sleep

As a girl I understand the importance of makeup in our day to day life. Make up not only helps to improve our level of glamour but also makes us feel confident and mesmerizing too. We become as an eye catchy thing for the people which they appreciate and also admire. The entire environment looks so beautiful and good when we look beautiful especially after makeup. Now what about, when we return back to our home or our place of survival. These makeup’s rest on our face even when we return our bed may be due to laziness or you have simply forgotten to remove make-up which you were wearing the entire day, due to pure fatigue and other times some other reasons. Whatever be the reason but this is a common fact that I have realized is that keeping makeup on while you sleep is one of the worst routine which you can follow and can do the worst harm to your face and your skin. So as an overall the whole summary is that though it is good to do make up while you are within your circles but once you reach your home then before going to bed you need to wash it off and clear your skin so that your skin could breathe and rest properly.

Remove Your Makeup Before You Sleep

Here are some of the most common reasons that emphasize on why removing make-up before bed is the best thing you can do to your skin.

1) Chemicals Are Bad :

The make-up you use of whatever type and maybe for any skin type may be for sensitive skin, organic or the mineral kind it is a common observation that all makeup materials have chemicals that can harm your skin. When these chemicals are kept for a long time on your skin tend to move or penetrate deep down your skin pores and thus can cause long-term damage. These can be a major cause of early aging signs, wrinkles, making your eyelashes brittle and stopping the natural repair mechanism of your skin.

2) Pimples Or Acne:

Makeup’s if kept long can be a major source of pimple formation. Skin has a large number of pores, which is the main source. So when you allow make up to stay on your skin overnight, the pores are blocked.

3) Eye Irritation And Infections

As we all know that eye is a very sensitive part of your body. Makeup may greatly affect your eyes if it is not removed properly and with care. Apart from removing make up on your face, it is very necessary that you get rid of make-up that you have applied in and around your eyes. This can cause eye irritation and other problems.

4) Ages The Skin Very Quickly:

Make up degrades your beauty if not removed on time and also cause the aging of the skin very quickly. When you leave your makeup overnight it becomes difficult for the skin to breathe. Apart from this environmental pollutants may also sometimes get stuck to the make-up if and when left on for longer period of time.

5) Leads To Dry Skin:

Make up also leads to dry skin, which may degrade your beauty and to your looks. So it is better to remove the makeup before you sleep.

6) Cause Skin Irritation:

When you sleep without removing make-up then the environment dirt sticks to it and other chemicals get locked in the chemicals in your make-up. In addition to this it leads to increasing the amount of irritants that are present on your skin. Sometimes this leads to an allergic reaction which causes reddened and irritated skin.

7) Larger Dirtier Pores:

The pores gets clogged with dirt when you leave make-up on your face or skin. So try to follow the practice of removing makeup before going to bed.

These were some of the few reasons you should know and also then try to know how to remove makeup.

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