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7 Signs Of Jealousy In A Relationship You Should Know

Being jealous in a relationship is very common actually. Actually there are too many ways to find out whether your partner in the relationship is jealous or not with you, as jealousy is actually very hard to control. Even in strong relationships jealousy can occur. The various ways you can find whether the other person is jealous or not are:

Jealousy In A Relationship


If your partner asks you too much of questions then remember this can be a sign of jealousy of that person. This can come up among friends, office colleagues and many more relations. Though questioning someone about something is very much common. But, remember when questioning turn into demands or compulsion then definitely that person is jealous of you.


Spying is one of the biggest signs that the person is jealous of you. Though it is not so easy to find out whether he or she is spying or not. But,remember if some how you find out that the person is spying then there will be no doubt about the jealousy factor in that person. Also on the other hand remember that if the person finds out that you are spying on him or her then it is definitely going to hurt him a lot. And this might even create a big gap in the relationship forever. So, be careful before you take the step of spying. Some amount of jealousy is okay in a relationship but crossing the limits will not make your relationship last long.

Underlying Negatively:

To make the person feel your pain of jealousy is very dangerous in a relationship. You will come to know that the person is jealous because he will try to make you feel that he is jealous. They will want you to be through the same feelings and pain.


The person who is jealous will avoid your proposals of going out to hang out with you. Because they will try to make you realize that they are not always available according to your will and wish. Jealous people will come close to you so that you will offer him something but they will reject it to ignore you. So, they will come close to you but also not very close also.

Reassurance and Doubt:

Jealous people will always be doubtful about you. So, they will constantly need reassurances of anything you do without them and especially if you do some work with the person whom they are jealous with.

Friendly Competition:

If your friend is jealous with another friend of yours then he will always try to have competition with him on every small thing happening. He will do this just to prove him that he is better than that person. An unreasonable competition will arrive just because of this jealousy.

Constant Pettiness:

Jealous people will always try to make you feel insulted at every small thing. This is actually one of the direct ways of showing this feeling of jealousness.They will always try to insult you at every point of time when you will be working with that person whom he is jealous of.

Jealousy usually cannot ruin any relationship just like that till you know what is more important in your relationship.

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