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9 Best Hairstyles of Beyonce You Can Try Out

An American singer, lyric composer and dancer who has been an artistic performer since childhood. An enchanting stage performer with dramatic gestures and having a forte of contemporary music. Her album consists of songs related to love, relationships, feminism etc. She has won more than half a dozen of Grammy awards and is the most nominated female singer. The 33 year old is the daughter of a hairdresser and sales manager. Her varieties of gorgeous looks are worth focusing. She has lovely hairstyles.

Short Wavy:

Beyonce Short Wavy Hairstyles

Side parted, little wavy in the ends golden colored hair gives her look of sweet young girl. The bunch of hair strands flying in the air with joy and independence is a sign of confidence in her.


Beyonce Braid Hairstyles

Numerous braids in single hair style. Taking very thin strands of hair and making braids one over the other. All the hairs are turned to single side and then all braids are narrow spaced braids are created.

Long Wavy:

Beyonce Long Wavy Hairstyles

Dark brown colored hair strands, long up to pelvic area, somewhat straight in the skull and then wavy in the lower region. This is the most beautiful hairstyle on her.

Medium Straight:

Beyonce Medium Straight Hairstyles

Straight hair from top to tail, with sharp ends looks arousing on her. Shades of the hair vary alternately. They are black in the neck area and light golden in the top. The lengths of the front hair are cut in layers to give a little voluminous look.

Bob Cut:

Beyonce Bob Cut Hairstyles

Neck length hair with little waves and the waves are given a outward swing towards the back. This cool hair style makes her look like a bubbly girl. The waves are quite darker in shade than the front hair.

Side Ponytail:

Beyonce Side Ponytail Hairstyles

All the hairs loosely tied in one side with little waves in the front and curls below the tied part. The different parts of hair are shaded differently. This is an appropriate hairstyle with a long gown and light shaded lip colour. This is counted as an elegant look on the lady.

Long Curls:

Beyonce Long Curls Hairstyles

Deep curls with very long length. It makes her look cool and trendy in this hair style. Middle parted with lower strands darker than the outer stands of hair. The long helical curls cover half of her face.

Single Braid:

Beyonce Single Braid Hairstyles

The lady actor looks smooth and glossy in this getup. A single braid on one side on the shoulder with different strands of shoulder colored differently and front hair cut short to fall upon the forehead. The hue of this hair is blackish golden.

Short Curls:

Beyonce Short Curls Hairstyles

This time its crimped curls making her look beautiful. Some strands resting on forehead and rest tied in at the back in a bun.


Beyonce Fringes Hairstyles

Long straight hair with fringes in the front, and shiny smooth texture throughout. This is making her look hot and smart lass.

The diverse range of hair dos and attractive styles along with versatile genre of singing has made her an ultimate and most sought after songster one has ever found.

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