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9 Easy Tips For Long Lasting Makeup

We all know especially women what is the importance of makeup in our day to day life. It is not only a coverage for our beauty looks but rather it also plays an important role in maintain a standard and class among our circles. We feel much confident and highlighted if we endow our self with proper make up. A good and a proper make up is the need and the urge of every single women on earth. Not only women even the men sometimes need it though it is negligible compared to women’s level of doing make up. May be any occasion or any special event we can have a mesmerizing look if we firstly have our proper make up done and then the need is to maintain this for a longer duration of time. This is because a makeup which cannot last for long is of no use rather the flow of make up from our face may tend to flow out the charm and the attractiveness which is present in us with makeup. So you must apply such type of makeup which is pleasant and always go for long lasting makeup.

Long Lasting Makeup

So in this context good makeup products and an effective makeup application tricks are the prime or the utmost keys to have long lasting makeup. If you are aware of the tips of the long lasting makeup then well and good else this is the right place for you.

So here are some most common long lasting makeup tips.

1) Choose Appropriate Makeup Products:

First of all you need to ensure and determine what type of skin you have, whether it is oily, or dry, or a combination of both, or if sensitive or what so that accordingly you can decide what will suite you the best. So now once you have decided that then you can look out for the products for your skin type.

2) Moisturizer Cream:

Next important thing which comes is that takes care and applies a lightweight moisturizer cream. For this the procedure you need to follow is that you allow few minutes for it to set in so that it could provide a smooth canvas for your makeup. It prevents the makeup to not get absorbed into your pores. Therefore the makeup will not wash off and will last much longer.

3) Foundation:

Next, important thing which comes into play is that always consider using a foundation primer before applying your foundation to ensure that more adherence for the foundation is there and there is an even coverage. The primer is also having one more advantage that it will also help in getting a long lasting makeup. If you are not using a primer, then makeup tends to get absorbed and look improper over your face imparting an impression of carelessness to your looks.

4) Powder:

This is a common fact and is very important that you use a good quality powder. Using a good quality powder is very essential to have long lasting makeup. Try to use lightweight, loose and translucent type of powder.

5) Concealer:

These concealers are one of the best options you can go for. If you are having some darker areas, then it is good to use a type of non-oily concealer over them. This can also be used to make your eye-shadow stay on for longer period of time. Apply a brightening concealer on any dark shadows you can still see under your eyes.

6) Use blush:

For the purpose of adding color to your face, try to use either a cream blush or powder bronzer, depending upon what is your skin type. You can go for either a sponge or a good quality brush too which is very common.

7) Mascara:

For a long lasting makeup you can go for applying coats of black mascara of some good renowned company which never smudges and is easily removed.

8) Eyeliner:

It is a very good practice of using eyeliner. This improves the overall look of your eyes and a good quality eye liner can help in lasting your makeup of the eyes longer too. For this try to line your upper eyelash line with waterproof gel eyeliner.

9) Lipstick with lip stain:

This is also an important part of makeup. Always try to apply a lip stain under your lipstick or gloss so that the stain may help to tint your lips even if the other color of your lipstick you applied wears off.

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