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9 Latest Hair Styles Of Taylor Swift

An American songster and lyric composer , famous and heart warming singer Taylor Swift .She is a 25 year old album artist and has won the prestigious Grammy award a couple of times.

Undoubtedly a beautiful lass, who sings songs ranging from slow to fast tempo, and a superstar she is. She has many years of music learning experience. Those lady superstar is known for her style statement too. An awesome stage performer. She has involved herself in many trendy photo shoots . Let us put some light on her hairstyles and hairdos. Girls across the world want to be decked up like she gets on special occasions.


Taylor Swift Bun Hairstyles

An Updo from the front .All hairs taken and tied together. Pinned at places to give certain humps on the surface. This hair makes her look super cute. With the face made up accordingly, she can just rock a party.

Long Curls:

Taylor Swift Long Curls Hairstyles

Taylor swift gets clear helical curls .Long hairs side parted and turned to curls . Strands of golden brown hair coming in front of her eyes and making her pose as a hot girl.

Long Straight:

Taylor Swift Long Straight Hairstyles

Straightened hair clutched at the back- This hairstyle except the color gives her a traditional Indian look. Makes
are look sweet and flawlessly beautiful. This hairstyle would suite many Indian girls .It gives the picture of smooth and silky hair.

Semi Curls:

Taylor Swift Semi Curls Hairstyles

Semi curly loosely tied hair, side parted hair , with braided strands tied in the back and two semi curly strands in the front. A long ear ornament would be icing on the cake. Black colored in the roots and golden in the tail ends. Eyebrows lifted makes her look like a gorgeous and composed lady.


Taylor Swift Bangs Hairstyles

Bangs on Taylor Swift make her look like a teenager. An innocent school going girl with short length hair over the forehead and short silky wavy hair in the back. It gives a sweet look.

Medium Wavy:

Taylor Swift Medium Wavy Hairstyles

With some curls and some part straight aligned. It gives a quite a flat surface in the skull and a voluminous look in the ends. It is a simple and sober hairstyle .

Bob Cut:

Taylor Swift Bob Cut Hairstyles

Short hairs with curls or smoothness showing elegance and youth. Add on bright colored lipstick and a warm eye make up to look heavenly.

Loose Locks:

Taylor Swift Loose Locks Hairstyles

This would do good with any length hair .From mid hair to tail ends loose curls are given to make the surface look elevated and hair surface all heavy.

Pony Tail:

Taylor Swift Ponytail

Long utmost straight pointed hair tied together in pony tail or simply opened look simply awesome.

The legendary singer come actor is lovely by her voice and her face. She has been found in a variety of attractive get ups which everyone would like to have on oneself. Every girl longs to have a hairstyle like this lady to pose like her. She is a barbie doll cum a sensual star.

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