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7 Amazing Benefits of Walking Lunges

Walking lunges is one of the most amazing exercises one should do every morning. It is done continuously for 10 minutes along with breaks. There are many ways of doing various types of lunge.

Benefits of Walking Lunges

However, there are certain basic steps to perform walking lunges. At first one needs to step forward with one leg while he needs to lift the ball off the back foot. Then, one should allow his/her chest to remain high in air and the shoulders to be at back. Then, knees are bent and hips are dropped downwards facing the ground. However, one should keep in mind that the back knee should not touch the ground while doing the exercise. Also, the front knee should not move fast forward. Then, one needs to press the front leg and then, forward the back foot. Then, this step is repeated with opposite leg and again the lunge is repeated for at least 20 times.

For performing the advanced version of walking lunges, one can repeat the basic walking lunges along with dumbbells of greater weights. Weights are chosen according to one’s capability. If one wants to get more benefits of walking lunges faster, then one should increase the frequency and times of exercise in one week. However, too much of exercise is bad for health as it causes fatigue. If exercise is performed incorrectly, then, potential injuries can occur.

The things required for performing walking lunges are exercise ball, towel, heavy books, dumbbells and water bottles. Apart from exercise ball, all other things are optional.  The exercise can also be varied by providing some torso twist, which increases walking lunges benefits. This is done with or without the help of exercise ball.

Benefits of Performing Walking Lunges:

There are many benefits of walking lunges. Some of them are cardiovascular benefits, weight loss, having better balance and to improve body posture. When one moves forward while doing lunges, it helps in toning the body and gets some cardio advantage.

Body Flexibility:

The first lunge is performed while holding the ball in front of chest with both hands. After that, body weight is focused on forward leg. Then, one should slightly lean his/her hip forward to stabilize the spine. After that, one can twist his/her torso opposite to the side where the forward leg is kept. Then, one can again twist back to center so that the back leg moves forward and one is standing with the ball in front of his chest with his hands.

Coordination in Body:

As women get older, they tend to lose concentration towards balance and exercise. While doing lunges, one focuses on posture and leg movements. Therefore, it helps to improve the movements and balance of one’s body. It also helps in increasing coordination in body. This adds to walking lunges benefits.

Toned Figure:

One can even lose weight not only from the lower part but also from upper part of body. It also helps in improving body mass index of an individual. Body mass index increases by losing fat from lower part of body. This exercise targets the inner core muscles. Thus, an individual performing walking lunges has more toned look than normal individual.

Shaping the Upper Body:

The stomach gets sucked in and the spinal cord remains straight while performing this exercise. Therefore, it helps in maintaining good posture of the body; thereby, increasing body function-ability in the long run. One also needs to raise their hands while doing walking lunges.  Thus, even the upper body is exercised through this.

Development of Lower Body:

One can do it in open air or also in indoor space. It is one of the most intense work-out for getting maximum thigh and hip development. Walking lunges provide more benefit to women than men as it affects the shape of women.

Stress free Spine:

Walking lunges also help in increasing flexibility of hip of an individual. This is because one needs to work upon both upper and lower muscles of hips during the exercise. This adds and boosts strength and stamina in one’s body. It also helps in improving core function without applying pressure in spinal cord. Thus, the spine remains stressed free.

Increases Stamina:

Those, who do walking lunges on regular basis, are at minimum risk of having arthritis as their knees become stronger and full of stamina. It reduces pressure on the knee area up to great extent. While doing the exercise, the muscles of hamstring, gluts and quads of legs are targeted. The gluteal muscles are thus free from inhibition and are neutralised. Thus, it helps in getting bigger legs. It also helps in deluding of spines which provide some rest to it.

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