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Best 10 Updo Hairstyles You Can Try Out

Looking beautiful is an art. Every girl likes to give herself a lovely, adorable look. It is a very bad concept of many people that updo hairstyles are mainly for the aged lady. But actually a teenage girl even looks pretty if the hairstyle is done perfectly according to her facial structure. It is now a days quite trendy for going to party. This hairstyle goes best with long gown outfits. This style looks very decent and clean. In summer it is too comfortable to opt for such kind of hairstyles.

There are various updo hairstyles among which some are listed below:-

Simple Flowy Updo:

Simple Flowy Updo

This hairstyle is so simple and pretty that all girls will love to flaunt it. To get this style you need to comb your hairs in order to untangle them and to make a parting on the side. Let the hair be as it is from the front. Then take some portion of hair from the crown and toss it while the roll the side hairs upward. Fix the hairs in place using bobby pins and loose the side fringes.

Easy Fluffy Updo:

Easy Fluffy Updo

This hairstyle is easy and is vintage inspired. Comb and untangle the hairs. Use bobby pins to fix hair in the crown and in front. Take the side hairs and roll it towards the back while bunch the remaining part in the rear.

Pretty Tucked Up Updo:

Pretty Tucked Up Updo

For getting this stylish hairstyle untangle your hair. The hairs are divided in many parts and fixed by bobby pins.

Big Bun Updo:

Big Bun Updo

Untangle your hairs make a pony tail at the back, make a bun out of it and then take the front hairs to the base of bun. Finally fix it with pin.

Studious Updo:

Studious Updo

This is very easy to make. Remove the tangles in hair and then comb all the hairs backward and tuck them like a bun using pins.

The Diva Updo:

The Diva Updo

To get such a diva inspired hairstyles untangle the hairs and tightly pull the hairs back to the crown top. Make a tight ponytail then make a bun out of it in the crown and fix it with help of pins.

Twisted Round Updo:

Twisted Round Updo

In order to get a different look comb and remove the tangles, leave it loose at the neck. Tightly tie it in a diva updo style from the back. Take the rest hairs and twist and roll it towards the bun. Finally fix with pins.

Half Updo:

Half Updo

As usual untangle your hairs and make a two side partings then take hairs from the front mid part and pull it backwards to the crown. Then tie it tightly and tuck using pins. Leave the rest hair open.

French Roll Inspired Updo:

French Roll Inspired Updo

Comb, untangle and fluff your hairs from the front. Take some part of hairs from side to the back then tightly roll the hairs towards the center and tuck with bobby pins.

Cute Flower Updo:

Cute Flower Updo

Remove the tangles and divide all hairs into many small sections then roll each to make number of buns in the crown and use flower based accessory to decorate.

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