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Best 5 Lip Balms You Should Try Out

Everyone wants their lips to look bright and glow when they smile. Especially girls , who are very prone to makeup of their faces, conscious about their looks and attire tend to use different lip balms. These are made up of wax, camphor, petroleum and dyes. Changes in the skin due to seasonal variations are common, which tend to make the lips rough. So lip balms do their job of repairing the cracked lips. Apart from working as a healing agent they act as a protecting agent from further damage and make lips look beautiful, shining with different colors. It is a moisturizer to the lip. Following are some best quality lip balms available,

Best 5 Lip Balms

1) Maybelline:

The lip balms of this brand with product name ‘Baby Lips ‘ are quite well known item. They keep the lips comfortable, soft and give a light colored shiny look. It’s good for young teenager girls with quite light and formal look. Available in different flavors, they do not impart any artificial color. They are quite affordable and may seem little costly to some users. They also come with SPF protection.

2) Nivea:

This is also available in variety of flavors of fruits and different smells. It has different colours too. Some match to the skin and some give a pink color. It moisturizes the lip and act as a lipstick without any side effect. It is quite cheap and long lasting. Some users dislike the product saying it sticks to the rough patches of the skin.

3) Lotus:

Other than having the common features as good flavor, soothing fragrance, it is made from herbal products. It has got a highly efficient skin repair capability by moisturizing it. Since it is made through natural products so it has zero side effects. This is also available in variety of colors .Since this is an Indian product and contains herbal properties so it lacks in little bit of furnished looks. But still it’s manageable and the most sought after product. It is reasonable in cost too.

4) Himalaya Herbal Lip Balm:

This is another herbal lip balm by another Indian and old company in the field of makeup items. This is made up of oils of different items like coconut, castor, carrot and wheat. It nourishes the chapped and dried lips from cold, sunlight and dust. It is the cheapest of all the above mentioned lip balms. The only disadvantage is it doesn’t add different colors to the lip. It is rich in various vitamins such as vitamins such as Vitamin A, Vitamin E etc. The oils in it keep the skin away from wrinkles and getting loosened. The skin of the lips is very sensitive so this herbal product helps in repairing and protecting the skin.

5) Burt’s Bees Grapefruit Lip Balm:

This lip balm is rich in oil and hence vitamin C and E. This is commonly available in pink color and in fruity flavor. This is a foreign product and a bit costly than other products but its quality and the look it gives is really recommendable.

So out so many choices available in market, users depending on their criteria can select the desired product. They are very essential part of our daily life.

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