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Best 7 Foods Rich In Oxygen You Can Try Out

Oxygen is very much essential for a being to survive. Yes, generally we take oxygen from atmosphere while breathing. We can even increase the oxygen level in our body by including more of oxygen rich foods which are required essentially for its proper growth. Here below we have enlisted few oxygen rich foods which will drive you to the market and purchase it.

7 Foods Rich In Oxygen

The oxygen rich foods that you must include in your diet are as follows.

1. Lemons:

These are of the top oxygen rich edibles which may be acidic outside our body but turns alkaline within our body. It has good electrolytic properties which makes it an amazing alkalizing food. This edible becomes an important part of our daily diet by constantly increasing the level of oxygen our bloodstream. In fact, it also helps your body away from common flu and other diseases, thereby, boosting up your body functions. It helps fighting against the harms produced by free radicals in our body.

2. Fruits:

Fruits such as dates, avocadoes, berries, bananas, apples are much loaded with antioxidant property. Their pH value ranges 8. It also helps regulating blood pressure as well as enhancing your skin quality and freeing it from acnes. So girls start consuming such foods for glowing clear skin.

3. Asparagus, Seaweeds:

These asparagus, seaweed or watercress posses their pH value as 8.5. It maintains the acid level of your body. Being rich in oxygen, calcium, iron and other nutrients it is widely consumed by people.

4. Sweet Grapes and Other Veggies with Some Fruit Juice:

These foods are immensely enriched with antioxidant property along with sufficient supply of vitamins A,C and B. it helps regulating your blood which controls your blood pressure as well as the reduces the risk of any heart problems. You can even prefer fruit juices which holds natural sugar which further helps in digestion thereby, making you feel light as well as supplying enough of oxygen in your body.

5. Caring Capsicum:

Well, capsicums are excellent food which is used generally to enhance the taste of food. It has pH value of 8.5. Even these are rich in enzymes which are beneficial for endocrine system. High content of vitamin and antibacterial properties helps it to reduce illness as well as stress caused by free radicals.

6. Agar-Agar or Organic Gelatin:

This natural substitute of seaweed, are highly enriched with calcium as well as iron. It is a good option for people who are diet conscious as it is rich in fiber. Seaweeds no doubt help you increasing the level of oxygen in your blood.

7. Wow of Watermelons:

This is widely consuming food in summer due to its highly alkaline nature with its pH value ranging to 9. With immense amount of fiber as well as fiber, the edible act as a mild diuretic. Apart from oxygen, it also posses vitamin C, lycopene as well as beta-carotene which are also required by our body for smooth; running. This energy giving food can even be preserved and can be consumed up to a week.

Beside, consuming these oxygen enriched foods you must drink plenty of water with regular exercise. As this will ensure sufficient amount of oxygen in your body and revitalizes you and make you feel light from before. Meanwhile, you are away from many body ailments.

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