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Five Yoga Poses That May Help You Balance Better

Balancing oneself is very important for a being. Especially if you are going for an interview or to enhance your personality you must implement some balancing yoga to give you attractive personality with a perfect balance. If you find the yoga poses boring then take it as a fun and perform it with some music to give you pleasure while executing them.

The best yoga poses that would help you balance better are as follows-

1.Ardha Chandrasana:

This is an awesome pose as it resembles standing posture. Here, you need to put yourself in a posture of half moon. Meaning, here you need to keep your body stand in straight line. Here, start with your foot flexed such that it is pressing against your floor or wall. Here, your shoulders as well as hips should be stacked facing wall as well with your entire body elongates from your head in the posture. Regular workout of this posture will fetch you good walking as well as standing posture.

Ardha Chandrasana

2.Utthita Hasta Padangusthasana:

This is a tuff workout but ensures a remarkable progress if you do it regularly. It helps you maintain hips in line as well as your body straight. It is applicable for those ladies if they have butts quite far from their body.

Utthita Hasta Padangusthasana

Here you need to stand straight with your left arm extended vertically. With your second hand you need to hold your right les which will be stretched upwards almost up to the length of your right shoulder. Stand in the posture for few minutes and repeat the same with other side.


With much of strength as well as effort dance pose is very important for balance. The workout helps maintaining core, legs as well as your back. For this, keep your hips squared as well as facing towards that ensuring both in a line and not merely up and down. It also helps providing your hips alignment as well as improving your balance.



Also known as mountain pose, is a great source to achieve a standing posture. Here, you need to stand straight with your feet joined to each other (meaning no gap between your feet). While in this pose, when you feel your body weight in your feet and your spine elongated, will enormously help you balancing yourself. Even, you will be fetching more benefits from the pose if you keep your eyes closed.



This workout is effective enough to maintain your muscles of legs as well as arms. It also does a lot of good to your spine.


Here, you need to stand straight and slowly making your hand rest on the knee of the other leg. Here, your both hands should be above your head straight joined as in the form of namaaskar.

The above listed poses must have impressed you by now. Now, don’t just read it but also apply it every day early in the morning. These poses will not only give you charming personality but also provide you peace and calmness and will help lowering your pressure when you will be closing your eyes. Follow these yoga poses and feel the change with lots of compliments following you back.

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