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How Green Tea Helps You Beat Cravings

Green tea is an awesome fitness key to achieve a desired figure. Besides, maintaining your figure it also helps keeps you preventing overeating. Yes, green tea is often recommended for everyone for being healthy and fit. You must drink two to three times in a day if you fall victim to overeating. Here we are discussing below few points illustrating how green tea helps preventing cravings.

Green Tea Helps You Beat Cravings

Green tea is the most nutritive drink on Earth, with unbeatable nutrients as well as anti-oxidants that leaves a strong effect in our body. It holds several bioactive compounds in its leaves that makes it an ultimate drink to have. The drink is well supplied with numerous vital nutrients which is evenly required in our body. One must drink green tea after certain age as its nutrients helps protect us from several life-threatening diseases. Some of its key nutrients are polyphenols such as catechins as well as flavonoids, wonderful antioxidants for smooth running of body.

These nutrients help reducing formation of free radicals in our body that also helps protecting our molecules as well as cells from being damage. These radicals are responsible for several life-threatening diseases and aging.

We must not forget to remember one of the powerful key compound in green tea that is, Epigallocatechin Gallate(EGCG) which make this beverage an applicable it to various medicinal purpose.

In less amount, but Green tea too holds minerals which are vital for one’s health. Green tea has always proven itself being a smarter choice from other beverages. It also contains caffeine which is widely known stimulant. Hold on, its caffeine content is very less when compared to coffee.

Friends if you too have a habit of drinking coffee then you must stop avoid it right from today. Yes, coffee has high caffeine content that encourages blocking of an inhibitory neurotransmitter known as Adenosine. In this manner, it tends to increase firing of neurons as well as concentration of neurotransmitter such as norepinephrine and dopamine.

Caffeine in low amount is also required it per studies, it helps improving in numerous types of functions of brain that include vigilance, mood, reaction time as well as memory. For this you can have green tea that holds required amount of caffeine needed by our body.

Green tea contains amino acid L-theanine that enables crossing the blood brain barrier. It helps increasing the function of inhibitory neurotransmitter GABA. GABA is also required as it has anxiety effects. It also increases the production of alpha waves as well as dopamine in brain.

As far studies in abroad, it has been concluded that when caffeine and L-theanine combines they form a unique combo of improving brain functions. Green tea provides far better Buzz than coffee, due to its caffeine content too.

Green tea is far energy giving drink. It will only boost you for any manual work. The kind of warmth and lethargic that you must have felt after coffee is not with green tea.

Green tea also holds key nutrient that helps break down of fats. Even regular consumption of green tea prevents accumulation of fats in the body. So friends if you are health conscious then you must cut off your regular calorific milk tea as well as coffee and switch over to green tea.

Green tea aids in boosting up your metabolic rate and increases energy by b4%.

The above shared information regarding green tea must have impressed you. Now don’t waste your time instead start consuming it right from today for a better tomorrow.

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