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How to Discard the Past and Live the Present in Relationships

One of the big dilemmas of manhood is to get over the Ex. It is a rare and a very tough process to pass through, and the few of the common aspects of you two give bay to the complications, and remind you of the dedicated songs, some favorite pass-times, the hangouts and the selective choices for sitting and spending lovely time. To bury all the memories and throw sand over the past is something like impossible and it is truly very difficult to move on quickly and completely.

Discard the Past and Live the Present in Relationships

Let us recollect some of the things we love doing alone to drop a curtain over our past:

Relationships Are The Thing Of Compromise:

Being alone is tough after a commitment but remember your early days, the hook ups the fun of being alone. Despite of being in pain and being desolate, you must enjoy the single life. Enjoy the favorite serials, the movies, the games and yes, this is the time to live your dreams and have time for your hobbies. Taking pleasure of all the stuffs you missed being committed and due to lack of time.

Date A New Girl/Boy Whom You Like:

The most practicing thing we observe in the society is that after break-up the guy/girl dates a new person who might be a very good friend or the one who forwards a helping hand. The feeling of break-up shatters the person so deep that anyone offering help and coming close develops a soft-corner in the heart. To sleep with a new partner relieves you with the encounter of emotions and burns out the left-over love as residue.

Recall The Bad Moments:

After breakup the most common thoughts bouncing into the mind is the time spent together and all the love lines, and emotional attachment with the pleasure of sex life. But all these will make you bury deep inside a dug hole of emotions. Just recall all the times you quarreled and fought the faults and the break of trusts.

Friends Are the Fortune’s Gift:

Once you get committed you hardly spend time with your friends. Being committed makes you as a fish out of pond; you miss the company and the fun of your friends. After break up the most satisfactory work you can do is to opt for hangouts with your old and trusted friends, being with them you will remember all the fun and adventure you used to do. It would be like providing life to a dead.

Engage Yourself In Works And Activities:

Being committed you must have lacked or missed many of the activities you were supposed to do. Due to the scarcity of time many of your ideas and thoughts went vain. Recall those and make a list, it’s the high time to have a re-consideration over them. Gear up and be ready for the adventure. Do all the activities you missed, such as swimming, work-out, hangouts, crafts, designing and all others.

To get over or to move on completely is tough and most of you must have experienced, hope no one needs these tips. However the above mentioned points are efficient and most helpful to curb you from the sorrow and pain of the breakup.

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