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How To Enhance Your Eyes With Fake Eyelashes

As we all know eyes are a very precious, and a key to our beauty and looks. These eyes are like a gemstone which adds charm to our entire face and we look complete and mesmerizing if we have a wonderful eye. In this context eye lashes adds feathers to the eyes beauty. These eyelashes create a beautiful frame around your eyes. But as we know everyone in this planet is not of same kind and looks. So regarding eyelashes structure same principle applies. Many women and some men have gorgeous, long, fluttering eyelashes which make them look gorgeous but some do not have this.

So if you like to enhance and retain the natural look, you should go for picking fake lashes. These are less dramatic also so you can go for it. In today’s time fake lashes come in different varieties and colour. So choose it accordingly which suits best for you. If your eyelashes are thick and long already, then you can simply make them more prominent with the help of eyelash curler mascara.

Eyes With Fake Eyelashes

So here are some of the tips on how to enhance your eyes with fake eyelashes,

1) Eyelash Style:

False eyelashes come in all lengths and colours in today’s market. So choose such type which suits best for you according to the volume of your eyelash and the colour of it. They are available in different lengths too. For example a full set of false eyelashes can provide both thickness and length thus giving your eyes a dramatic look. One can also use individual lashes to create a gorgeous winged look by applying at the outer corners.

2) Colour:

For everyday use generally black and dark brown false eyelashes are always great and a good option to go for. So it is very important that you look and decide that whether you should go for longer lashes or fuller lashes or perhaps both.

3) Trim:

It is not necessary that the false size of the eyelash fits you. Sometimes it does not fit well and so lashes may need a little bit of trimming before you apply them. This can be done with a pair of scissors just make sure that eyelash strip follow your natural eyelashes and not overhang because if they are too long, then it does not look attractive

4) Shape:

Shaping your eyelashes is equally important as trimming it. This is because if the shape is not well then it will impart a false look which is so embarrassing too.

5) Grab Your Applicator:

Any king of eyelash applicator, may be any pair of tweezers or your fingers can be used to apply false eyelashes. Just one need to make sure that what works best for you and you are comfortable in it too.
So these were some of the good ideas which you can implement upon yourself to make you look as stunning and gorgeous as others even if you are not born with that good eye lashes.

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