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Jennifer Lopez Best Hairstyles You Can Try Out

Girls always stay very concerned about their look. Maximum of the girls desire to go with the trend. The hairstyles of Jennifer Lopez are quite unique. She is an actress, model, entertainer and even a business woman. Her style, fashion sense and talent are popular enough for all to have an idea about it. She herself do experiments with her hairs and those generally turn popular. She got many of her fan followers throughout. Many of the girls wishes to follow her footsteps while giving themselves a new look. Let us ponder on some of the renowned hairstyles.

Messy Bun:

jennifer lopez Messy Bun Hairstyles

In one of her function she appeared with such a hairstyle. Her look and magnificent voice became popular globally. This messy hair bun was looking very pretty. This hairstyle is easy to make if you pull it up and adjust it there with the help of many bob pins.


jennifer lopez Fringes Hairstyles

This hairstyle is preferred by almost all female celebrities but carrying it is an art which is not a cup of tea for all. If the fringes do not go with your facial structure then dress yourself in such a way that you can balance your look to get a perfect one.

Casual High Rise Bun:

jennifer lopez Casual High Rise Bun Hairstyles

When Jennifer does not work she tied up her hair in such a casual manner which when left open gives natural messy curls in her hairs. She avoids chemical sprays and ironing her curls therefore just by applying oil ties them tightly.

Hair Tie Braid:

jennifer lopez Hair Tie Braid Hairstyles

Though Jennifer does not have long hairs but still she knows well how to be the fashion icon with what she has. It is easy to get such a hairstyle. Make a normal braid and then tie it with hairs making a knot.

Flick Business:

jennifer lopez Flick Business Hairstyles

This type of hairstyle is generally preferred by girls with broad forehead or pimples out there. It is very popular in B Town as well as in Hollywood.

Curled Bob:

jennifer lopez Curled Bob Hairstyles

It is very comfortable during summer. To give it an edgy and classy look Jennifer Lopez curled the bottom of the bob and it looks best when studded with a brooch.

Top Knot:

jennifer lopez Top Knot Hairstyles

This hairstyle might look like Buddha but is actually very classy and gives a chic look with any of your outfit. In this type of hairstyle her oval face is lifted more with the beauty.

High Rise Pony:

jennifer lopez High Rise Pony Hairstyles

Such a hairstyle is said by the college goers as 80’s girls’ new found love. She gave herself an eccentric and young by pulling the strings to get a high raise pony.

Peacock Pull Up:

jennifer lopez Peacock Pull Up Hairstyles

This hairstyle can be preferred more when you lack the time or mood to innovate and do the style. The entire peacock formation bun can be supported by a single clip to raise up look great.

Turban Roll:

jennifer lopez Turban Roll Hairstyles

This is one of the most different types of hairstyles. This hairstyle at a time was opted by Queens and princesses in order to flaunt the volume of their hairs. In a lengthy gown with such a hairstyles looked glorious.

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