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Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Wash Your Face With Hot Water

Everyone wants to look beautiful and thus try to keep themselves as clean as possible. They even try several of creams that can prevent and cure their face from harmful effects present in the environment. For this they may be trying several of cosmetic products that are available in the market at huge costs. In the urge of looking beautiful you may be following all the norms and rules to keep your face clean and free from pimples or any such types. Regularly washing your face following simple natural remedies. But still your face is too dry, instead of looking younger and gorgeous you are looking aged personality. If yes then you are doing a silly mistake that is making a blunder to happen to your looks and beauty.

Wash Your Face With Hot Water

Washing your face with water is good but also temperature of the water you use for this purpose matters a lot. Hot water is really harmful for washing your face as it has several of unrevealed and unrecognized effects. It not only is the major cause for the growth of your lovely pimples but also it results in the ageing of the skin, development of acne and many such harmful effects which makes your beauty to get depressed and dull.

Some of the most common harmful effects of washing your face with hot water can cause are:

1) Hot Water Irritates the Skin:

The main part of your body that is the face is very delicate. It has a number of fine blood vessels just under the skin and also there are more pores on your facial skin that are not present anywhere else on your body. So washing your face with hot water is a blunder. It causes your skin to get irritated and sometimes it may also cause red patches.

2) Makes Skin Dry:

When you wash your face with hot water, you think that your face will now start glowing actually this hot water strips your skin of its natural oils very quickly. Excessively hot water strips off the healthy natural oils from your skin very quickly thus making it dull too. Apart from this, this dry and stretched skin will definitely demand you to apply more amount of moisturiser, making you prone to acne and other skin infections.

3) Scald Your Skin:

Generally our pores are not used to or are designed as such to withstand extreme temperatures and especially very hot water to wash your face is risky

So instead of washing your face with hot water wash it with cool or Luke warm water. This can work better for your face. So finally the whole summary is that do not ever try to wash your face with hot water. It will be very harmful with respect to your beauty and charm. Neither do try to wash your face with excess of cold water too as because excess of cold water is also not very good for your face.

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