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Top 8 Skin Lightening Creams

Life without make-up is impossible for many of us. It is not an impossible thing to look beautiful without make-up. If you are concern about your looks then obviously you are worried of the freckles, spots, blemishes and marks on the skin. In order to remove these marks you can easily go for the skin lightening creams. Therefore let us go through the top 8 skin lightening creams:-

Skin Lightening Creams

Lotus Herbals White Glow Skin Whitening & Brightening Skin Emulsion:

This product is like a lotion and not like a whitening cream therefore it is easily absorbed by the skin. It contains good PA and SPF levels and mainly suitable for oily skins. It has plastic pump which helps in better application. The best part is that the product is $3.61 for 40 ml which is quite reasonable in comparison to many whitening creams.

Nivea Visage Sparkling Glow:

This product is available in jar packaging and is slightly pricey. It is suitable for all skin types and is capable to reduce the melanin production. It can moisturizes and hydrates skin therefore making it clean and clear. This white crystalline technology can even protect your skin from the harmful ultraviolet rays. Its cost is $4.64 for 50 ml.

Garnier Light Over-Night Peeling Fairness Cream:

This product contains micro peeling fruit extracts containing vitamin C which helps in lightening the skin tone. It claims to deal with spots and marks. The price is $2.81 for 40 ml and is applicable on all types of skin. Those who do not like lemon fragrance should avoid it and individual with oily skin too.

Fair and Lovely Multi Vitamin:

It costs $1.25 for 50 gm. As per the name the product contains multivitamin formulae. It has nice fragrance, hygienic tube packaging and moreover provides triple sunscreen protection. It has no alcohol content which is quite harmful and is present in many face washes. It can give oily skin to those having dry skin, results vary a lot like if some experience the change quickly the rest might not.

Pond’s White Beauty:

This products is more suitable for oily skin, containing SPF 20, if properly blended then is easily absorbed and works best in humid conditions. It is not good enough for dry skin and has travel friendly packaging. The price is $2.25 for 35 gms.

L’Oreal Paris Pearl Perfect Transparent Rosy Fairness day cream:

This product is applicable on all skin types, contains SPF 15 and protects skin from ultraviolet rays. But the packaging is not that friendly and costs $9.61 for 50 gms.

Clean and Clear Fairness Cream:

It is best for oily skin, small amount is required to apply, have UV filters, gives matte finish and is travel friendly. It costs $1.93 for 40 gms.

Olay Natural White Day Cream:

This product costs $4.80 for 50 gms. It has SPF 24 content, vitamin B3, Pro B5 and E. It is applicable for dry or normal skin and not for oily skin.

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