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8 Best ways to Increase your Stamina for Running

Your stamina defines the level of your fitness. Athletes and sportspersons train hard for several years to increase their stamina. Stamina is the measure of your endurance i.e. how long can a person exert his or her body. Stamina or endurance may also refer to the body’s ability to recover, resist and be immune from wounds and fatigue. People with higher levels of stamina are able to perform physical activities more easily than people who have never undergone endurance training. Training to increase stamina not only helps you improve your shape but also boosts your confidence.

ways to Increase your Stamina

Over the years trainers and professionals have devised various ways to increase your Stamina and remain healthy. There are many benefits of increased stamina. Endurance training not only prepares you physically but also trains your brain to bear more stress and pain. The more stamina you have, the more you can exercise. The more you exercise, stronger you become. Increase in stamina ensures that you are not burned out by day to day activities and can enjoy a stress free life. While your peers are exhausted while coming back home from work, you are ready to face a new challenge every day.

People often wonder How to Increase Stamina for running and performing physical activities. In addition to a healthy and wholesome diet, endurance training consists of various exercises. These are designed to increase your heart-rate and perspiration. As you push your limits, you feel the difference in your body. Make your activity more strenuous each day. The key is to do this gradually and not get exhausted. Most importantly never skip exercise as it is extremely beneficial in the long run. The various ways to increase your stamina are briefly described in this article.

Gradual Progress

This one of the most important factors beginners have to keep in mind to learn how to increase stamina. Usually when people start training, they wish to get results as soon as possible and in doing so they exert themselves too much. The key to get the best result is to know what is best for your body and plan the training schedule accordingly. Design the schedule in a manner that you do not face health complications in the future and remain free from injuries.

Run Walk

Run walk exercise is designed for beginners or for those who have not practiced in a long time. The run walk method helps you improve your cardio base without causing too much exertion. Another advantage of this method is that you can scale the level of difficulty as per your requirement.

Long and Steady Running 

This is the next step after run walking. Long and steady runs help you build endurance by enhancing lung capacity. This is one of the most effective exercises to develop a fitness base. Since long running involves a lot of oxygen intake, your ability to perform aerobic activity increases. Long run also boosts the size of muscle capillaries and mitochondrial growth. Long running involves increasing the distance by 10 percent each week and keeping the heart rate below 70 percent of maximum value. This is to ensure that you do not over exert yourselves.

Tempo Runs

Tempo Runs are designed to add speed to your running schedule. Tempo run consists of sprinting at a lower speed than your maximum capacity. A regular tempo run lasts for 20-30 minutes depending upon your speed. It starts with easy running, then running at a higher speed and then cooling off with a 5 minute jog. Tempo runs improve your stamina by helping the body clear lactic acid, the by-product of any aerobic activity. This exercise also facilitates capillary bed growth which in turn improves oxygen supply to lungs.

Running With Intervals

Mixes of sprinting, jogging and running, interval runs are designed for improving speed, endurance and stamina. The procedure is to start off with jogging, then sprinting for 30 seconds and a 1 minute recovery jog. This cycle is repeated six to eight times. Interval runs are usually concluded with stretching or a slow jog.

Involving Other Activities

In addition to running exercise there are numerous other physical activates that help you gain stamina. These include swimming, biking, strength training and cross fit training. While biking is effective for lower body, swimming is a total body workout. Strength training helps you enhance your capillaries, joints, tendons and ligaments so that you can work out longer. Cross fit training is a mix of all these activities.

Plyometric Training

Plyometric exercises consist of rope skipping and jumping drills that help you lessen the amount of time your feet spend on the ground.

Diet Planning

An important factor that needs to be addressed is the amount of carbohydrate intake. To improve stamina you should focus on more protein and vegetables.

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