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Why Lassi is Refreshing Drink in Summers

Lassi is an old age Punjabi drink that is usually taken after a meal. But there is more to lassi. It refreshes you in summer, increases your digestion power, and energizes your body and mind. It contains curd that keeps your stomach well and prevents you from getting heat strokes. Lassi is available in two tastes namely sweet and salty.

Why Lassi is Refreshing Drink

Some of the health benefits of lassi are:

Improves Digestion:

If you cannot have milk, curd is considered as the next best option. Since lassi contains curd, it is very beneficial to soothe your digestive tract. It helps in improving your digestion. It contains curd that keeps your stomach well and allows you to have your favorite food without putting any bad effect on your stomach. Lassi helps cure your stomach problems. It helps in bloating of stomach preventing constipation and other stomach disorders.


Lassi is a probiotic that helps in the growth of good bacteria and prevents the growth of bad bacteria in your gut. By doing so it helps in keeping your stomach free from any kind of infection or stomach disorders.

Muscle Mass:

This drink is rich in protein and thus helps in giving mass to your muscles. It is thus popular in body builders. It is rich in certain vitamins too that help in building up your body. Body builders take this drink as it has two benefits. One, it is rich in protein and the second that it refreshes your mind and heart.

Gives You Energy:

Lassi is a refreshing drink and energizes your heart and mind. It vitalizes your stomach and muscles too. It contains anti-oxidants that keep you healthy throughout the day. It even prevents your body from getting heat strokes. That is why this drink is so popular in summers.

Improves Your Bone Health:

Lassi improves your bone health as well as your dental health. Since lassi is rich in calcium, it is a perfect way to strengthen your bones. It even provides potassium and iron to your body that prevents your body from different diseases and keeps your stomach away from many infections and stomach disorders.

Cures Summer Related Problems:

Lassi cools you down and cures summer related problems such as prickly heat, build-up of bacteria and gastro intestinal problems. It is a cheap drink that can be prepared at home by very easily available ingredients.

Though lassi is a very popular drink in the northern part of India and is gaining popularity in the southern part too, all must drink lassi at least once in a day. It keeps your stomach cool and free from all kinds of infections and disorders. Lassi can be prepared very easily at home by any one of us. It just requires a lot of curd, some ice and sugar or salt according to our taste. Then you just need mix everything up together and here you have your lassi ready to be enjoyed by you on a very hot and humid day.

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